Google Enables Additional Links in Adwords

Category: Company News Published on: 5th November 2009

The search engine giants have recently revealed that they have now launched Ad Sitelinks. However, the feature is currently only available advertisers “whose ads meet a certain high quality threshold.”


According to Google, this new feature will “increase the choice and relevancy in search ads.” Essentially Ad Sitelinks allow advertisers to incorporate additional and deep links within paid results, much like you find in organic listings.

In the post written by Dan Friedman of the Inside AdWords crew on the official Google Adwords blog, he also commented, “Early participants in Ad Sitelinks, like Priceline.com, found that presenting multiple link options made it easier to direct users to relevant information on their sites, driving them deeper into the conversion funnel.”

Sources: Search Engine Land & Google Adwords Blog

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