The Top 30 Google Doodles of 2011

Category: Company News Published on: 25th January 2012

2011 was an exciting year, with many iconic events and anniversaries occurring throughout the year. For many of these occurrences Google has had a unique ‘Google Doodle’ to commemorate the event.

The history of the Google Doodle is an interesting one. Google’s initial logo was an exclamation point, during this early stage the founders Larry Page and Sergey Brin found themselves in a dilemma as both wished to attend the Burning Man Festival but they were worried the site would not remain active without their input and they would be unable to answer any calls from the desert.

Consequently the first Google Doodle was created, it simply depicted the Burning Man’s stick figure popping out of the traditional logo. The purpose was to display an ‘out of office’ message to all Google users. Since then there have been a wide range of themes and images used, eventually resulting in the Google Doodles that we see today, 271 of which were produced last year alone.

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Source: Mashable

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