How to Safely Spring Clean Your Gadgets!

Category: Company News Published on: 21st March 2012

With spring well and truly setting in, people are starting to plan their spring clean for this year. Our various Gadgets have become a huge part of our everyday lives so don’t forget them in all the dusting!

Here are our Top 3 Gadget cleaning devices!





1. Compressed Air

This is a fantastic little device that lets you blast dirt and dust off your computer components, keyboards and all those hard to reach or delicate places!








2. Cyber Clean

Looking remarkably like the silly putty many children played with at some time or another, this goo will sink between the keys on your keyboard and pull out all the rubbish.






3. UV Light

Many large industries already use UV light to effectively sanitize their products, this little gadget can use the same technology to kill the germs on your smartphone!


For more hints on how to clean your keyboard and other gadgets, click the Mashable link below.

Source: Mashable.com

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