Leap Motion

Category: Company News Published on: 25th May 2012

Is this the future for computers?

The Leap Motion is designed to replace the traditional mouse and keyboard to revolutionise how we use our computers.

The Leap works through an iPod sized USB peripheral, this creates an interactive space in front of your computer through which you control your laptop or computer. Claiming to be 200 times more accurate than anything else currently on the market, the Leap tracks your hands’ individual movements down to 1/100th of a millimeter and bring futuristic gadgets which have only been seen before in films into reality.

One interesting looking feature is the ability to use not only your hands but objects too, for example a pen (or even a pair chopsticks from the look of the video!) to control the Leap, enabling you to effectively hand write notes.

Claiming to be more sensitive than a touch screen and as reliable as a mouse and keyboard, the Leap Motion is certainly worth keeping an eye on. The innovative products’ first shipment is due this winter for an initial number of pre-orders.

It’s difficult to say how the Leap Motion will affect the future of computers but as more and more of these innovative products are released the very way we use computers looks set to change dramatically in the near future.

Source: Youtube, Leap Motion

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