iPhone 5 launched!

Category: Company News Published on: 14th September 2012

As widely predicted, Wednesday saw the launch of the new iPhone 5 which will be shipping in the UK over the next 2 weeks.

The new phone is very similar in style to the previous iPhone 4s model, aside from a slightly thinner case and an enlarged screen allowing for another row of apps on the home screen.

In addition, the normal set of technology upgrades have been made, including:

  • Faster processor
  • Brighter screen
  • 4G Data (when it becomes available)
  • Longer battery life (hopefully!)
  • Better camera
  • Better headphones (about time!)
  • New “lightning” connection (not sure I can call this a feature)
  • New iOS 6 – this will be available soon for all iPhone users.

So was it worth the excitement?  Probably not really! But it is again an advancement and I am sure everyone will be scrambling to get the latest upgrade!

Such is the power of Apple these days, many people have been putting off upgrading their mobiles (and subsequently renewing their contracts) until the launch so mobile service providers will be pleased!

What does it mean to us?  Well iPhone Apps can now make use of the slightly taller screen size and Mobile websites will display more of the content in the first view.

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