Some simple values we believe in

Our reputation depends on it

95% of our clients work with us more than once and 99% of our active clients have told us that they would happily recommend us to others*. We are immensely proud of those facts, and we believe it is down to our unique set of values that we always stick to.


We want you to succeed

It’s in both of our interests!

Some of our customers have worked with us for over 8 years and we have seen their businesses develop as a result of our work. This is undoubtedly the most satisfying part of the work we do.

We understand the true meaning of a long term and lasting relationship. We know that if you succeed, we will succeed, and we love to prove ourselves to you.

We are not interested in the “quick buck”; we would much rather spend our time forming quality relationships with businesses.



Our brilliant team

They are our most important asset

We look after our team and consequently we have a very low turn-over of employees. We know that continuity is vital for long-lasting and effective relationships and we always seek to promote existing members of the team to more senior positions.

No qualification or experience is more important than passion and our recruitment process reflects this. You will see it in the eyes of any of our employees!

We have a comfortable working environment where working hard is something we all want to do, rather than something anyone is “made” to do.

We encourage ideas & creative thinking from all levels of our staff and openly discuss almost everything. Some of our greatest and most popular services came from some of our least senior members of staff and we ensure everyone has a voice.

We employ not outsource. 99% of everything we do at Clicky Media is done by our team at Clicky HQ. Not every agency can say that, in fact very few can.



Ethical in all we do

Ethical, Honest Advice without the Hard-sell!

We have a strict policy of providing you with honest advice. All our staff are very approachable and love to explain in plain English just what we do. We pride ourselves on practicing ethical forms of internet marketing.

We don’t believe in the hard-sell. We like to work with companies that are happy working with us and would never want to have to employ the heavy sales techniques to convince you. We would much rather spend our time telling the world about our success stories and having meaningful and long lasting 2-way relationships with our clients.

Our advice is always provided along with examples of the work we have done and are more than willing to put you in touch with an existing customer.



Quality vs Speed

Getting the balance just right

Getting speed and quality just right, is something we really care about.

We often hear of suspect agencies who outsource their web development abroad or ask that websites are designed and built within a day (yes, it happens!), we are most definitely different.

We also know that you want us to do things fast! We don’t mind this at all but we always want to ensure quality – our good name relies on it!



Value for money

Fair pricing with real value for money

We know we are not cheap! We don’t want to be. We do, however, provide value.

In the world of digital marketing, there is always someone willing to do something cheaper or faster. But we really don’t want to try and compete with this. We know that ultimately you want results, and getting results requires investment.

We employ talented, full-time staff (not outsourced or freelance) and we have city centre offices for your convenience. We also ensure our team have the very latest equipment and technology to ensure we stay ahead of the competition. This all costs money and unfortunately it means we do not compete particularly on price alone.

We have countless client testimonials from happy customers who are enjoying the benefits of our quality of service and we are not short of work. This doesn’t mean we do not want your business! We most certainly do, but we do not want to be judged on price alone. Judge us on our results.


Awards & Accreditations

High Sheriff of Cheshire Award Winners 2011


Our History

Find out where we came from!


Our Directors

Meet the directors behind the success


* Clicky Media Customer Satisfaction Survey 2011-2012


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