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news / 4 years ago

Facebook Timeline Advice: New Features.

With Facebook Timeline Pages for Brands going live worldwide at the end of this month, a lot of questions have risen as to how this will change your Facebook page and how this will...


Oliver Yeates

[CEO & Founder]


01/03/2012 @ 15:34pm

With Facebook Timeline Pages for Brands going live worldwide at the end of this month, a lot of questions have risen as to how this will change your Facebook page and how this will affect your profile.

So we’ve put together a few helpful blog posts to help you along, these will all begin with ‘Facebook Timeline Advice’. To start we’re giving you a rundown on some of the new features available.

Cover Picture

Your Cover Picture is a large image that sits at the top of your Facebook Page. It’s important to make sure this image is unique to your brand or organization. There are some terms regarding what you cannot put on you Cover Photo, for the full list  click here > >

Star Posts

To Star a post you simply have to click the star on the post. This will make the post widescreen and will treat the post as of higher importance.

Pinned Post

If you’ve got a post that you want to prioritize you can ‘pin’ it, this will display the post clearly at the top of your page. This is a great way of utilising an older post and bringing it back to the top of your page without repeating yourself.

Admin Channel

The Admin Channel is a fantastic feature that lets you view all of the recent traffic and notifications through your Facebook page, you can even respond to messages. It’s also really easy to close by clicking the ‘hide’ button in the top right corner. Another key point to note is that this channel will only be visible to the Page admins, non-admins won’t even see the channel.

Friend Activity

The way that a users friends have interacted with a Facebook Page can be key to what they focus on within the Page. For this reason the new Friend Activity can have a huge impact on your Facebook Page. Now when people visit your page they will be shown what their friends looked at and responded to.


Milestones are a great way to put all of your bigger events into your page. All you need to do is add the headline for the event, location, date and a few details. Then add an image and the Milestone is ready to go live. Currently these Milestones can only go back as far as 01/01/1800.

Activity Log

This is a really handy way to look at the history of the Page and organize the posts. This can include making posts bigger with ‘Star Post’, hiding or deleting irrelevant posts and ensuring you’re on top of any spam.

Our new Facebook page

Source: Facebook

For more information about what we can do for your Facebook Page Timeline give us a call on 0845 257 1225 or view our contact page here >>


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