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news / 2 years ago

Facebook launches amazing new AI tool to allow blind people to ‘see’ images.

Facebook just launched a tool that uses artificial intelligence to help people who are blind experience photos on Facebook. ...


Oliver Yeates

[CEO & Founder]


05/04/2016 @ 17:19pm


/ /

When blind or visually impaired people use the internet, they usually use something called a screen reader that turns text on web pages into spoken words. But until now, screen readers haven’t been able to describe what’s in a photo without web developers taking time to write “alt texts” for each image (a sentence hidden in the code of an image tag which describes the image).

This is causing huge problems for blind people to experience the internet in the same way as others as more and more images are being shared everyday without any kind of description.

Facebook’s clever new tool uses artificial intelligence to look at what’s in a photo and describe that for someone using words. Clever stuff.

Check out the video above to see how it works or watch it on YouTube here >>


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