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insight / 5 months ago

How to be Proactively Reactive on Social Media.

How should you be managing your organic social media platforms? We break down our top tips for being proactively reactive on your social channels...


Katie Ryan

[Digital Marketing Assistant]


20/10/2017 @ 10:42am


74% of consumers rely on social media to make their purchasing decisions and with over 2 billion active social media accounts in the world – social media is a game changer.

Managing your social media can often be challenging, leaving you considering things like; when is the best time to post? Or, how do I communicate with potential customers? Portraying a strong and consistent brand message through your social channels is important, and so is engaging with your users on a day to day basis. But how do you do both? We’ve put together our top tips on being proactively reactive on social media.


Social media is made up of some of the widest-reaching communications platforms in the world, allowing a level of brand awareness and communication which has never been accessible before.

Whether you currently use Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Twitter, Snapchat, WhatsApp or YouTube, social media is a great way to get your brand out there and open a line of communication between you and your customers. However, managing all of these accounts can be a challenge when considering what to post where, and when.


Whether you have one or multiple social accounts representing your brand, devising a strategy for these platforms is essential before engaging in any social activity. Determining a strategic approach will not only help you to get the most out of your online presence, but also how you communicate with your customers.

Once you have thought about your approach to social media, consider how your content strategy can fit in line with this. What types of content do your audiences engage with? What kind of content is best aligned to your objectives? Which social platform would this content work best on? Taking the time to answer these questions before scheduling posts can have a huge impact on the engagement you receive.

Managing just one of these social media channels, let alone multiple channels can take up a significant amount of time – especially if you want to do it right. Creating a content calendar will allow you to have control all of your social channels in one place and keep a consistent flow of posts across all your accounts, and allow you to plan for significant events in your calendar ahead of time.


As well as scheduling posts and creating a consistent brand presence across your social channels, it is also important to consider how to be reactive and respond to your customers on social media in real time.

Interaction with customers from social media is key in building your brand presence and trust on this platform. This can include taking care of questions or comments to ensure you are communicating with the customers who are reaching out to you across social.

Using relevant hashtags can also be a great way of reacting to industry trends and getting involved in a discussion with relevant content. This is something our experts can help with on a consultancy basis, giving you hashtags which are relevant to your industry within a social calendar to ensure you are reaching the right audiences.

Our team of social media strategists are on hand to create, source and develop your content and posts, supported by our talented copywriters, designers and photographers. Speak to a member of the team today to find out more.


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