Wanted: User Testing Participants

We’re looking for a number of cat and dog owners to participate in some quick and simple website testing for one of our clients. It’ll take less than 30 minutes of your time, and you’ll even receive a £25 voucher for taking part!

We’re working with our client to check how their website is performing and to understand if there are any improvements which could be made to make the overall user experience better. We’re looking for members of the public to test the website for the very first time too, so, don’t worry about needing any web design or development experience – this is just a fun opportunity to try something a little out the ordinary, and provide feedback on how you find your experience on the website.

There will be two simple tests to carry out on the day. The first will involve answering a few quick questions about what you think is the purpose of our client’s website, and then we’ll ask you to purchase a product on the client’s website (don’t worry, you won’t need to actually buy anything at all on the day). Following this, you’ll then be asked to honestly evaluate the website process,  providing feedback as to what you found easy, and which bits you felt you struggled with. We may also ask you to undertake the same exercise on a competitor website, and ask for your feedback as to which you preferred, and why. All pretty simple, right?!

The testing sessions will take no more than thirty minutes, and will be held at Clicky’s offices in Chester. We’ll be organising a number of testing days throughout July and August, so, please do let us know your availability and we’ll try our best to try and work around you. Sessions will begin from 8am, and finish around 6:30pm, so, it’s something you should be able to squeeze in before or after work, or even in your lunch hour!

Key Details

  • What: A quick, thirty-minute testing session for pet owners
  • Where: Clicky Address: 3 & 4 Saint Johns Court, Vicars Lane, Chester CH1 1QE
  • When: Anytime that suits you throughout July or August!
  • The Return: A £25 voucher, as well as a trial of the pet product you’ll be testing

So, if you’re a cat or dog owner and interested in something a little different, complete the form below and a member of the Clicky team will be in touch.


Written by Charlotte Brookfield

Digital Strategy Assistant

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