Gender Equality

50/50 gender split, with equality at our core.

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Our Talent is Equal

Our ethos is all about challenge, ambition, transparency & adventurous creativity.

Our team are highly talented individuals. Our workplace is naturally balanced without having to place a focus on gender. We recruit, develop and grow our people with a focus on our values and delivery for clients.

We have a predominantly female senior management team, and strong men and women in leadership positions across the business, but we do not place by gender.

There is a challenge with the number of women in roles in STEM; we have a 50:50 split across the business but we acknowledge there is more work to do in development roles.

We seek opportunities to help early on in careers and have partnered with organisations that seek to address the skills gap in technology, offering free events and training whilst getting involved locally with schools, universities and coding clubs.

“We have more to do – we are not resting on our laurels but we see talent, not gender when recruiting.”

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