Clicky is a Premier Google Partner

We are a certified Premier Google Partner with 56 exam qualifications (and counting...)

Clicky is a Premier Google Partner

Our Google Partner status provides us with direct access to the Google team and additional insights, whilst showcasing our advanced capabilities across related ads platforms.

We have been part of the Google Premier Partner programme since its inception in 2015, before which we were an Official Certified Partner.

As well as a badge of authority for ourselves and added confidence for clients, the status essentially demonstrates our AdWords skills and expertise. The accreditation means we have met higher Google ad spending requirements, delivered company and client revenue growth targets, and sustained and expanded our related client base.


  • Access to Google's market data

  • Direct access to Google's Partner Team

Our Team All Take Google Exams

To prove our advanced knowledge, our team all take the exams designed by Google.

The majority of our team are Google qualified across a range of disciplines, from Digital Garage and Analytics, to web development specialisms and the Google Squared program.

We excel in our digital advertising knowledge too, with specialist expertise and certification in Search, Mobile, Video, Display and Shopping Ads. Our team have also gained recognition in Facebook, Instagram and Twitter best practice.

We dedicate training time specifically to keeping abreast of platform updates to ensure we retain our status and these qualifications.

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Speakers From Google Attend Our Events

Each year we hold a number of diverse and interesting events for our clients and partners which Google specialists often attend and speak at.

Designed to give participants access to data, insights and news, our events focus on the ways we can utilise Google to drive your business forward. You can find out more about our upcoming events below.

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Paid Search (PPC)

Find out more about our Paid Search services.

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