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22 Million People Stream music & Radio Every Day

Over the recent years there has been a huge popularity in digital audio, which is only set to grow!

In a world where audio advertising has one of the lowest audience avoidance score, it’s one of the most effective, underused and underestimated mediums of the marketing world.

With connected audio reaching almost 22 million people every week, there’s a huge potential market to tap into. Plus, the average listener is tuning in for 11 hours per week, giving you plenty of opportunities to get your message across.

  • The average listener tunes in for 11 hours per week.

  • Connected audio reaches almost 22 million people every week.

  • 45% of Internet users use audio streaming services for music.

Platforms We Utlise


Spotify is one of the world’s largest dedicated music streaming service with over 140 million active users and over 60 million subscribers across the world.

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DAX is a mobile-led Digital Audio Exchange and is the market leader in digital audio advertising.

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Our Service

At Clicky we research, plan and execute amazing audio advertising campaigns for business big and small.

We can bring you the results you deserve, whether it’s increasing your brand awareness, generating leads and sales or promoting a product launch.

If you’re interested in trying audio advertising, we’re here to help every step of the way. We’ll manage the production of your advert, from concepts and scripts, to recording and final editing. Your entire campaign will be looked after from start to finish, helping you to reach the exact audience you’re looking for and ensuring you get the most from your ad spend.

  • Audio ads reach people where visual media can’t, whether they’re traveling to work or at the gym - audio is on the go with them.

  • Listeners are very unlikely to avoid audio adverts as there’s a high chance they’re enjoying their playlists too much

  • 85% of 13-15 year olds are streaming music

  • You can be highly targeted & much more sophisticated with your marketing campaigns compared to radio advertising

  • Music builds an emotive connection and the genre of music people listen to. Tailor your ads to build a one-to-one connection with the listener.

Should you consider advertising on Spotify in 2020?

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Clicky provides Spotify Ads for Heathrow Airport!

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