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Bespoke Digital Illustrations by Clicky

If you’re fed-up with off-the-shelf icons, cheesy stock photography and boring same-y fonts, then Bespoke Digital Illustrations might be a better choice.

A custom illustration brings your project to life by adding heaps of personality. It is eye-catching and will help you to stand out from the crowd.

Custom graphics by Clicky are completely bespoke and are a cost-effective way of producing imagery – often it will be cheaper than organising a photoshoot. It goes a long way to humanise your brand and allows you to connect with your audience on a more emotional level.

Some Examples...

  • Illustrated Maps

    Whether you want to highlight landmarks around your premises or showcase attractions for your audience to visit, our illustrations will bring your map to life.
  • Backgrounds & Decoration

    If you’re not so much a fan of the clean, minimal look, or if your brand requires a higher level of decoration, we can provide illustrations to liven up your web presence.
  • Handlettering

    Tell a story of craftsmanship and authenticity by adding some hand-drawn typography to your project. This can really set you apart from the competition.
  • Bespoke Icons

    Tired of using the same icons over and over, or need something specific that you can’t get your hands on? We can provide bespoke icons unique to your business.
  • Character Creation

    Do you think your brand could benefit from having a character or mascot? Work with our team to create the perfect personification of your brand.
  • Social Assets

    Want to stand out from the crowd? Create something completely unique for your brand's social media platforms.

Why go bespoke?

You’re never going to stand out from the crowd if you use the same imagery as your competitors.

What you need is something new and unique, that cuts through the mundane sameness of stock, and shouts your message out to the world, in your own voice.

It is uniquely personal and allows you to connect with your audience on another level. It can help you to forge a personal connection with your target audience, rewarded by their trust and loyalty.

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The pricing for our Bespoke Digital Illustration projects is quoted on a bespoke basis and dependent on your requirements and the time required to deliver your brief.

Our pricing is simple and transparent. We will assess your campaigns and provide a quote for the number of hours our team will need on a monthly basis to achieve your goals. Budgets for ad spend (clicks or impressions) are separate and are payable in addition to our fees.

Our hourly rate is charged at £70+VAT.

Animal Trust

See how bespoke digital illustration has created a friendly, approachable persona for the Animal Trust brand.

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