10 Best Uses of VR Online

To celebrate Clicky’s 10th birthday this year, we’ve been creating our very own Top 10’s. This week, Bryony talks us through her top 10 uses of Virtual Reality online.
Virtual Reality interactive experiences are becoming increasingly common at every end of the scale from complex virtual reality videos and games to the 360 photos on Facebook. Each has made it to my top 10 either by making me think, be awed or amused.

1. The Daily 360 | The New York Times

Releasing a new 360 video each day The New York Times 360 playlist shows a continued drive to provide interesting and interactive content through VR. The videos range from important news of the moment to general interest and explorations of how different processes work. This takes the top spot mainly because there is always something new and fun to look around and their investment in the technology as a news medium.

2. Google Treks

Google treks virtual reality online
Think Google Maps on a whole new level, Google Treks is a series of experiences where you can explore multiple locations in one area. Each is a little different but give you the opportunity to explore river banks, national parks and see the inside of temples through different methods. My favourite from the series is Petra.

3. Inside Asia’s Step Inside

Virtual Reality Online
Three separate tour’s make up Inside Asia’s Step inside collection. An animated map leads you to different tourist spots around the country to act as a lure to entice you to go and book a vacation.

4. Fantastic Beasts Magical Maps

virtual reality online
This multi-layered VR is well suited to the Harry Potter Franchise and reveals a Marauder’s Map style view into the world of the Fantastic Beasts Movie. The separate elements of the navigable map, exterior and interior location views are cleverly compiled together for one experience.

5. Konterball 2-Player Virtual Reality Game

virtual reality online
This simple game is a fun one to play and definitely more difficult than it looks.

6. BMW at Paris Motor Show 2016

Screen Shot 2017-06-30 at 09.52.49
If you’re a petrol head this is one you definitely need to take a look at as you can wander around the event and then view the cars in more detail.

7. A Walk Through Dementia

VR Online
Although using VR for educational purposes might not always be something that immediately springs to mind when you think of this technology, it can deliver very effective results. A Walk Through Dementia is a number of poignant 360 videos displaying what it’s like to live with Dementia.

8. Discover the 360° world that inspired Filled Cupcake Flavored Oreo Cookies

Fulfilling every Willy Wonka related dream possible this imaginative animated world from Oreo gives you every opportunity to sit back and pretend you’ve won a golden ticket. Is it just me craving Oreo’s now after watching this?

9. Pac-Man in 360

As with anything to do with Pac-Man, it’s always going to be popular. Watching the ghosts run after you is quite amusing to watch. The only reason this doesn’t rank higher is that it would be amazing to actually be playing the game in 360 yourself.

10. National Geographic’s 3D Monarch Butterflies in 360

With a relatively simple offering from National Geographic this makes the top 10 mainly because of the content, as you’d expect the quality is exceptional and the butterflies really do make for a good 360 shoot.

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Written by Bryony Hall