10 digital marketing stats that have appeared in 2015

So, we’ve been having a snoop around the internet and have found some interesting stats about digital marketing that have appeared in 2015 so far.
1. 51% of marketers rate email marketing as their most effective channel, closely followed by SEO (45%) and AdWords (34%) – ROI is more easily determined from these activities, therefore it’s unsurprising that they top the list.
2. Investment into video marketing is set to rise – 73% of B2B marketers use video as a content marketing tactic, and 7% of them are planning on increasing their YouTube marketing in 2015.
3. Digital advertising spend in 2015 is forecast to reach £8bn, which is over twice the £3.8bn spent on TV.
4. One third of web pages are now served to mobile phones as mobile’s share of global web traffic rose 39% since January last year.
5. The UK are leading in active e-commerce use, as data suggests two thirds of the population purchased something online in January 2015.
6. Over 70% of respondents to Vidyard’s video marketing metrics report claim that ‘video performs better than other content for creating conversations’.
7. Cue further engagement with mobile marketing in 3,2,1 – According to a study by the Consumer Electronics Association, 58% of shoppers would rather use mobile phones than talk to sale assistants in store.
8. A huge 78% of consumers now research online prior to purchase.
9. According to Kapost – ‘Organic search leads have a 14.6% close rate, while outbound marketing leads have a 1.7% close rate’.
10. Facebook receives 57% of a company’s allocated ad spend, followed by Twitter and YouTube with 13% each (USA).

Written by Shannon May