Our 10 most read articles of 2017

We love a good blog at Clicky.
Everyone in our team can write for the Clicky blog, bringing a wide range of insights and opinions and delivering content that our clients, colleagues, partners and competitors (!) love.
To make sure we keep posting the sort of content that keeps our readers interested, we regularly check out our analytics to see which articles are the most popular. As much as I’d like to pretend that all of our top performers were written by me, we’ve got a talented bunch here and our most-read articles come from all corners of the agency.
So, out of all the articles we published this year (all 165 of them), here are the ones you were reading the most…
Free download: Travel whitepaper
OK, this is kind of a cheat article, because the traffic was really all heading to our travel whitepaper, but it’s in our #Magazine and it’s received a lot of views, so I’m including it. It turns out, people really want digital marketing insights specific to their industry. Who knew? (We did).
It was so popular we’ve researched and written a new whitepaper for 2018 – get your copy here!
Read the article and download your copy of the 2017 whitepaper here >>

Top 10 best car adverts
To celebrate our 10th birthday this year, we ran a series of top 10 blogs contributed by staff across the agency, where they could list their 10 favourite anything! There’s no doubt in my mind that our Digital Consultant Dan will be chuffed to know that his was the second-most read article we published this year – he loves his cars and he’s a big fan of clever, creative advertising campaigns, so there’s no-one better to tackle the topic of great car adverts!
Why was it so popular? Well, it got a lot of organic traffic, which means Dan’s tapped into an area that people are interested in and written a high-quality article that keeps people engaged – all of which helped to push it up the SERPs. We expect that it will continue to be a popular traffic driver in 2018!
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Google certified shops
In February, Google dropped its Certified Shops programme. PPC Manager Rich wrote an article explaining the changes and how they’d affect any users of the programme. By reacting quickly to Google’s announcement, he was able to get useful information to people right when they were searching for it, creating our third most popular blog post of the year.
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19 content marketing statistics that matter in 2017
If there’s one thing that we know, it’s that people love stats. People also love content marketing (or at least they should do, because it is great). So what better than to combine these into a single post?
Our article includes a rundown of the most important, up-to-date research and statistics on content marketing in a succinct, straightforward post. It was a collaborative effort from myself and our Digital Marketing Assistant Katie, who helped me trawl through pages and pages of digital marketing reports and data to find the best details to share with our readers.
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Clicky shortlisted for best large digital agency
It was a bumper year for award nominations here at Clicky! In March we found out that we’d been shortlisted for best Large Digital Agency at the prestigious Prolific North Awards. Sadly we weren’t a winner on the night, but news of our shortlisting was still a pretty big deal, making the fifth most popular article of the year on our site. We’re up for a similar award at the Northern Digital Awards 2018, so fingers crossed and watch this space!
Read about our nomination here >>

Hello Nottingham
January saw us launch our new office in Nottingham with a huge launch event featuring guest speakers from Google, Fat Free Media, Tech Nottingham and D2N2 Growth Hub. Over 100 guests were treated to expert insights into digital marketing, drinks, nibbles and networking as we launched the office in style.
Nottingham Event
My First Superyacht Launches
One of our most popular articles this summer announced the launch of one of our biggest web projects to date. Led by brand innovators One Menagerie, we built an immersive, interactive site for luxury superyacht brokers Ocean Independence, taking users on an in-depth journey into superyacht charters around three iconic routes.
The multimedia digital experience received a lot of attention, garnering commendations from the Good Web Guide and Awwwards, as well as Special Kudos from the CSS Design Awards. It also proved popular on our blog, with the announcement becoming the sixth most read article we posted in 2017.
Read the article here >>
Essential digital marketing for recruitment agencies
Digital marketing platforms and techniques aren’t the same for every industry, so we like to share more specific insights to benefit our different client segments. With that in mind, our Digital Marketing Assistant Katie compiled this guide to digital marketing for recruiters back in May. She includes tips on branding, web management, content marketing and social media in this handy article that proved very popular with our readers.
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Little Mistress choose Clicky
We’ve got a lot of clients at Clicky that we absolutely love working with and it’s always exciting when a new business joins our roster. At the end of October, we welcomed online boutique fashion brand Little Mistress as they contracted us to support them with their digital strategy and it seems like our readers were as excited about the news as we were! Despite being published towards the end of the year, the announcement was one of our most popular posts of 2o17 – helped no doubt by our enthusiasm across social media.
Once we’ve got some results to share, we hope to publish a case study so we can keep you all up to date with our developing relationship with this fantastic brand.
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Unless you’re brand new to the Clicky #Magazine (if so, where have you been?) you’ll know that 2017 was the year we reached double digits!
We celebrated in true Clicky fashion with a big summer party at Chester Zoo, featuring some excellent outfits and a delicious cake baked by our talented Financial Controller Samantha.
You can check out the blog here >>

The older articles still getting your attention in 2017:

Not all of the articles you were reading this year were brand new. Some of our most popular articles from previous years are still generating traffic – most notably:

  • UK Social media stats 2013 vs 2016 – this article is so popular that it’s actually responsible for almost 20% of our blog traffic! We’ve updated it now with a 2017 edition, so you’ve got some more up-to-date stats to choose from when planning your social media strategy.
  • Travel industry stats 2016 – yes, we know how much our readers love statistics, so we compiled a list of some of the most important and interesting statistics for the travel industry in 2016.
  • A dummies guide to ‘target & bid’ and ‘bid only’ | Google Adwords – Our PPC specialist Mark explains the difference between different bid options for display campaigns in Google Adwords. It might have been published last year, but clearly the question is still stumping people because Mark’s article is still getting plenty of readers.
  • How to compress website images in Adobe Fireworks and Photoshop – If you’ve checked out our recent articles on site speed, you’ll have spotted that uncompressed images are a major cause of lengthy load times. It’s a big issue, which is likely why Front End Development Manager Craig’s 2013 article on image compression is still proving popular 4 years on.
  • Facebook not just for teen & 20-somethings – This article dates all the way back to 2009 when our site looked very different, but it’s still driving traffic. The figures in MD Sam’s dive into Facebook user statistics are out of date, but the sentiment is the same – you can reach more people on Facebook than you might think.


Written by Hollie Hines

Content & Social Media Specialist

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