10 social media updates you need to know

The world of social media is constantly evolving. It was only a couple of months ago that we brought you 16 social media updates from the Digital Growth Conference and already there are more updates worth knowing about!


Algorithm Update

In our social media updates at the end of 2017, we highlighted that 66% of Facebook’s monthly users return to the platform every day, and that the reason for this might be due to the sheer amount of content available to them from family, friends, brands and publishers. But since then, Facebook has updated its algorithm so users see more content from friends and family and less from brands and publishers. Mark Zuckerberg says the content users see “should encourage meaningful interactions” but where does this leave brands and publishers?

A paid strategy is definitely something to consider if you want to be seen in users’ news feeds but if the budget isn’t there, there are still a few other things that could help lift your organic reach: experimenting with video content, particularly Facebook Live; producing content that sparks engagement and conversation; and creating a community around your brand are all things worth trying.

Posts from across Facebook

Despite Facebook’s algorithm update, its latest test highlights that content from brands is actually required to keep users engaged and remain on the platform for longer. The ‘Posts from Across Facebook’ notification will appear midway through a user’s newsfeed and once they’ve scrolled past, a white bar will remain at the top of the feed to remind them that they are browsing the top posts in relation to their interests rather than content from people they follow. This is good news for brands as their more engaging content has more chance of appearing organically.

Clear History Feature

With GDPR on the horizon and the Facebook-Cambridge Analytica data scandal a hot topic, it comes as no surprise that Facebook is taking action to give users more control over the data that’s stored and shared about them. The latest feature in development will allow users to see information about the websites and apps they’ve engaged with and enable them to remove this data from their account.

Things such as anything the user has clicked on and websites they’ve visited are just a couple of pieces of data that will be able to be removed and what’s more, users will be able to completely turn off having this information shared within their account. As a result, Facebook advertisers could see a drop in the performance of their ads as there will be less data available them.

AR on Facebook Messenger

If an effort to encourage users to shop from its platform, Facebook will soon be integrating augmented reality into its messaging app. Launching in closed beta, users will be able to virtually try on products and learn more about them than they ordinarily would by viewing them online.

Image showing an example of AR on Facebook Messenger

Image souce: www.digitaltrends.com

New options in Stories

It’s anticipated that Stories will overtake newsfeeds as the primary way to share content on social media this year. With this in mind, Facebook is adding three new features to its own Stories experience that will eventually be rolled out to everyone. Whilst two of these features already exist on Instagram Stories, these features could help give Facebook Stories a boost and attract more users.

  • Audio posts – Users will be able to add audio clips with bright, colourful backgrounds to their stories. Tying in with the rise in voice search and the recent Laurel/Yanny debate audio could be a topic to watch.
  • Stories archive – Similar to Instagram’s archive feature ‘Your Archive’ will allow users to access historical content meaning old Stories can be re-purposed in the future.
  • Save to Facebook – The Save to Facebook feature means content can be shared later rather than captured, edited and posted in the moment.



With Facebook taking up much of the limelight, exciting social media updates on other platforms may have been gone unnoticed. Instagram recently launched a new shopping feature giving users a more immersive experience through being able to shop and learn more about products without ever having to leave the platform.

Emoji slider stickers

Instagram Stories has pretty much wiped out Snapchat with 250 million active daily users compared to Snapchat’s 173 million. And efforts to keep the feature interesting just keep on coming. The most recent addition being emoji slider stickers. An extension of the popular poll sticker, emoji slider stickers simply allow you to ask your followers to rate something using any emoji, like how cute your pet is on a scale of no emoji to 100% heart eyes emoji, for example.

Music stickers

Found inside code on its Android app, there’s the possibility that Instagram will be adding music stickers to Stories. Music stickers would enable users to search for and add songs to their posts, as a result of Facebook gaining licensing deals with some major record labels recently. Instagram could also potentially find a way to detect what music users are listening to and display the artist and song title as a visual label on their posts. Whilst music stickers could make Stories much more entertaining, there’s every chance the platform could become a valuable source of new music discovery.

Whilst not hugely game changing for brands, Instagram’s new sticker features could be a useful way of boosting engagement with their followers and adding personality to their posts.



Just like Instagram released a new shopping feature, Pinterest has followed suit recently releasing its own shopping experience. Working in a similar way to Facebook’s collection ads, Pinterest converts product catalogs into visually appealing, functional ads. With the aim of giving users more shopping cues and visualising how products might fit into their lifestyles Pinterest is working on a range of different design formats, so keep your eyes peeled!

New business profiles

Last month Pinterest released new business profiles which ultimately give businesses greater control over how their brand appears on the platform. A dynamic cover image allows brands to feature content that they want users to see first, whether this be a selection of pins or a particular board. As part of the business profiles, you’ll also be able to see how many people saw your pins over the past 30 days, allowing you to understand how much influence your content can have on the platform.

Example of a Pinterest business profile

Image source: https://business.pinterest.com/en/blog/new-profile-new-insights-new-ways-to-get-discovered

Keeping up with the latest social media updates and knowing which are best for your business can be overwhelming. If you need help with your social media strategy, get in touch with our social media specialists who will be happy to chat!

Written by Kayley Peters

Digital Account Exec