10 ways ProSupport can help your business

To celebrate Clicky’s 10th birthday this year, the team have been creating their top 10’s.
This week, one of our developers walks us through the top 10 things that ProSupport™ can do for your business.

1. Analytics

One of the many things that ProSupport™ can do for your business is to get your website set up for analytics and tracking data. This can help you prioritise your advertisements and identify which parts of your site are working more effectively than others.

2. Forms

ProSupport™ are on hand to create and update various forms and validations across your site as and when you need. This can add real benefit to your business when preventing spam enquiries and generating high quality leads.

3. Design

The ProSupport™ team are able to redesign and build whole web pages including product pages, blog pages, testimonials and new landing pages. This will alllow you to develop your website structure while being more reactive to product and industry changes.

4. Reactive Changes

Being reactive is essential in the ever-changing digital environment. Adapting your website as your industry evolves can help you stay relevant and stand out from the competition. ProSupport™ can update information on your site reactively which you may not be able to do yourself. This can include anything adding mobile numbers and updating addresses or editing copy to ensure that your website has the most up to date information.

5. Email

Sending email campaigns can be a very effective way of reaching your customers with the right content at the right time. Our team are able to handle email campaigns to your customer base, even reporting back on findings and suggesting improvements for the future.

6. Site Speed

Keep users on your site for longer by making your speed site faster and reducing load times. This can be crucial in keeping visitors on your site as they are much more likely to say the quicker your site loads.

7. Responsive Design

Mobile responsive design has grown massively in recent months, making your site mobile responsive is essential when keeping up in such a fast paced online environment.

8. Functionality

Functionality can also be improved with the ProSupport™ service. We are able to update and create testimonial pages, galleries, new homepages, while keeping up with current design and UX trends to help user experience on your website.

9. Marketing

When running a new PPC campaign, considering which landing pages you are sending your potential customers to is crucial in making the right first impression. Any kind of marketing efforts should be supported with an online presence which potential customers can visit from TV to print advertisements.  Our ProSupport™ team are able to create new landing pages to work alongside your marketing efforts to get the best results possible.

10. Landing Pages

Creating bespoke design and content for each audience on your website can make a huge difference when trying to entice a range of demographics on your site. Your homepage has to work for every visitor to your site on every device, meaning that it can be too generic for certain visitors. Having a bespoke new page with content and imagery (and a mobile first design), which is solely targeted to a specific audience is going to be a huge improvement.

Want to find out more about how a ProSupport™ retainer could help your business? Get in touch with a member of the team today.

Written by Louis Morgan

Front-End Developer