16 social media updates from the Digital Growth Hub Conference 2018

Earlier this month the Clicky Nottingham team attended the Digital Growth Hub Conference 2018 – Explore the Future.

Liam Lally really grabbed our attention as he revealed the latest social media updates and features across the main social players. Liam identified confirmed updates as well as those still in testing, covering Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn and Snapchat. We thought we’d share our findings with you.

Undoubtedly, since digital has become so present in today’s society and widely used by businesses, it is only beneficial to stay updated and to use those features that can truly optimise your social media presence.

1. Facebook stories

Most people are familiar with the concept of social stories on Instagram, yet they are not widely used on Facebook. Liam stated that Facebook stories hold great opportunities for businesses because:

  • They are not widely used
  • Nearly everyone has a Facebook account, therefore content can be reached by a wider audience
  • Facebook stories hold a prime location on Facebook, leading to more individuals viewing the content
  • Content can be made creative through the use of filters and live streaming

2. Collaborative stories for events and groups

This new feature allows all individuals in a group or event to contribute to a Facebook story at the same time. Effectively, the same story can be told by different people, offering an alternative perspective which could prove beneficial to businesses by:

  • Allowing multiple people to capture content live, in turn leading to more engagement
  • Helping people to understand more about a business from different individuals and angles

3. Sending PayPal invoices via Facebook Messenger

Invoices can now be sent over Facebook Messenger. In a business retrospect this feature could be used between clients and account managers, enabling them to create a plugin that routes to PayPal’s existing functionality. So, how can this benefit your business?

  • It adds convenience by bringing the PayPal service into an existing conversation format
  • Invoices and their receipts can be managed and stored neatly in one place

4. New custom audience creation options

This new audience creation option in Facebook is known as Dwell Time. It allows a list of individuals who have spent time viewing a display ad to be grouped together. Why is this useful? It allows businesses to:

  • Retarget those who may not have completed the intended action (of clicking a link/purchasing)
  • Discover projected metrics like Ad Recall Lift (the estimated number of people to remember your ad), Ad Recall Rate (the Ad Recall Lift number divided by the number of people reached, which is then turned into a percentage) and Cost per Estimated Ad Recall Lift

5. Royalty free music tracks and sound effects for Facebook videos

This new feature helps all “Content Creators”, by removing any music/sound effects that are copyrighted, however Facebook provides a bank of music that can be used for free without the concern of any copyright infringement.

6. 280 character limit on tweets

Let’s face it, the previous 140 character limit was challenging. The extension to 280 characters allows individuals to be more descriptive and detailed with their tweets, however, interestingly reports suggest that most Twitter users aren’t actually making use of this update, and in fact are sticking closely to the original 140 character limit.

7. Longer display names on Twitter

Again, the character limit has been increased from 20 to 50, which is especially handy for those businesses with longer company names who previously would have had to shorten them. Now they can be displayed as a whole – brilliant news for maintaining brand authority and recognition.

8. Threaded tweets/”Twitter Storms”

This new feature allows multiple tweets to be compiled together under one initial tweet, handily listing any additional opinions and extra information on a specific topic in an easily accessible manner. Threads are powerful to businesses as they:

  • Permit a lot more content by offering the chance to build upon a topic in consecutive Tweets
  • Are visible where people are most active on Twitter
  • Are powerful, yet not intrusive, giving your audience the opportunity to view threads as and when they please by clicking ‘see more’

View of a Businessman using a smartphone with a Like, Follower and message notification on social network – 3d render

9. Bookmark feature

Another handy feature Twitter has launched allows users to bookmark specific Tweets, rather than having to ‘like’ and ‘love’ a Tweet in order to save it

10. Follow hashtags

By following hashtags that you are interested in, Instagram will add a selection of top posts to your newsfeed. This new feature saves time as you no longer have to search manually. But how can businesses use this feature?

  • It’s an effective way to keep up to date with the industry
  • You can now also add 30+ hashtags to one post, which allows you to get the optimum reach
  • By using targeted and branded hashtags, you will find it easier to reach new audiences

11. Scheduling content using API

The Instagram API has been updated, making it possible to schedule posts, view posts you’ve been tagged in and view other business profiles. Some benefits of using Instagram’s scheduling API are the ability to:

  • Manage large amounts of content
  • Proactively plan when posts will go live
  • Pre-create Instagram posts without publishing them

12. Add multiple photos to a single post

Instagram recently launched this feature and it has been a success. Now LinkedIn has chosen to follow suit, allowing individuals to showcase their experiences through uploading a range of different photos at once. When can businesses take advantage of this feature?

  • When holding internal events
  • When showcasing steps of a process or the multiple services your business offers

13. Video is now available

Better late than never; Video uploads are now achievable on LinkedIn. The new video feature makes content more engaging than ever before, going beyond text and images – handy for businesses who could utilise video formats effectively to showcase current projects, events and company related updates.

14. Online status visibility

We all know that LinkedIn is renowned in the workplace, whether it be to spark new business relationships and opportunities, or enabling individuals to actively talk to professionals they have connected with. LinkedIn’s new online visibility feature allows one to see when another LinkedIn member is online, indicating that this could be the best time to approach them.

15. Redesigning the Snapchat interface

Snapchat is the renowned instant image messaging app, best known for its application of filters – don’t deny it, we all know you’ve tried the dog filter! Snapchat’s latest update has sparked some criticism and disappointment among users. Snapchat stories have been relocated to the friends’ page, where they sit beside regular snaps and messages. This new update has proved to a controversial one, and doesn’t necessarily provide any benefits.

16. Live video map

Snapchat’s live video map is now available on desktop without a login, allowing individuals to view public stories. This new feature is beneficial to businesses, allowing them to upload event stories which in turn can be viewed by more individuals.

That’s a wrap of all the newest social updates. We’d love to know which ones your business be taking advantage of?

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Written by Olivia Lowden

Brand & Office Manager