2024 PPC Check-list

Thursday, December 28, 2023


Written by

Senior Paid Media Specialist

With 2023 now a distant memory, it’s important to check your paid campaigns are in the best place to hit the ground running in 2024!

We shared a similar check-list last year, but we know it can be easy to forgot, so here’s your annual reminder of our top 5 things to check in the New Year:

Check Dates

Check for any reference of 2023 that may now need updating to 2024 within your ad copy, creative and assets. If you have any founded X years ago type copy, give that a quick sense check too, alongside any landing pages / website content too.

A quick tip is to just filter by copy or text contains 2023 in Editor or Google Ads to find all reference you need to replace.

Check Promotions

You’d usually schedule end dates on promotions, but it still makes sense to do a quick manual check to make sure any Christmas / Boxing Day Sale promotions aren’t referenced anywhere. It’s worth checking both Google Ads and Merchant Centre here, as promotions can be applied within both platforms.

Check Budgets and Bidding Strategies

There’s often a lot of fluctuation in accounts over the festive period. For example ecom brands running promotions may see traffic increases as users want to spend their Christmas money, whereas lead gen brands may find it’s gone quiet as users enjoy their Christmas’ and think I’ll enquire about that in the New Year.

It’s important to check budgets and bidding strategies, changing any seasonal adjustments that may have been added to the account i.e Conversion Rate increases

Check Rules

If you set up any rules to pause / enable ads, change budgets etc. then it’s a good idea to just check these all ran as you’d have expected them too. Rules are really handy to have in place if you’re not around when changes need to happen, but a little sense check when you are back in accounts is always a good idea.

Check Merchant Centre

Lastly, give Merchant Centre a once over. Make sure there are no product disapprovals, or warnings in the account, ensuring product feeds are in the best place to get the best performance from the off in 2024.