25 Statistics About Marketing in 2016

What works? What doesn’t? What are marketers thinking about? What should YOU be thinking about? Here are the stats that will give you the answers…

  1. 76% of people believe that marketing has developed further in the last two years than in the previous fifty – with the rapidly changing nature of technology, we’re inclined to agree.
  2. The big news in email is mobile, of course. It’s expected that within two years, 80% of email users will be accessing their accounts exclusively from mobile. It’s never been more important to ensure your outgoing messages work across platforms.
  3. 75% of marketers find that they get “good” or “excellent” return on investment from their email marketing efforts – get some tips on boosting that ROI with our email marketing blog series.
  4. Personalisation has become a huge part of the way content is shared with users on digital platforms in 2016. The open rate for e-mails with a personalised message was 17.6%, compared to 11.4% without any personalisation.
  5. 18% of UK consumers believe that the mere fact that a website is showing up in search results means it’s accurate and can be trusted. This clearly isn’t the case when 80% of people have found incorrect information about a business when searching – most of it relating to contact information.
  6. According to Hubspot, growing an organic presence and improving their results in SERPs is the top inbound marketing priority for 66% of marketers, so there’s some tough competition out there – but it’s worth it.
  7. Local searches are more powerful than ever. Around 30% of mobile searches are location-based, while 72% of consumers conducting these local searches will visit a local store afterwards.Google local search results search marketing
  8. Think people won’t pay as much attention to a paid search listing as an organic one? Ofcom found that over half of search engine users (51%) couldn’t accurately identify a paid or sponsored link in the SERPS. Add to this the fact that 64.6% of people surveyed by WordStream reported clicking on ads when they’re actively looking to buy something online, and you’ll see how much PPC is worth your investment.
  9. Neglect Bing at your peril – it holds 17% of the UK search market, so by only advertising on the Google network you’ll be missing out on a big chunk of search traffic.
  10. Facebook reports that by 2020, 75% of all mobile data will be video. A rise to 8 billion average daily video views shows the high demand to create and share engaging content on this platform.
  11. The bigger the business, the more likely they are to use YouTube for their video promotion – no wonder, when the site reaches more adults in the evening than any TV channel. 48% of marketers are planning to add YouTube into their content strategy in 2017 – will you be one of them?
  12. Video is a more effective way of reaching consumers, figures show that they have a 135% greater organic reach than photos.
  13. More consumers are watching short video clips on a weekly basis than ever before – it grew from 39% in 2014 to 48% in 2015 – Ofcom haven’t released 2016 figures yet, but we’d expect it to have grown again.Two friends laughing and sharing social media video content on a smartphone outdoors
  14. According to Demand Gen, around 47% of B2B customers view between three and five pieces of content online before contacting a sales rep, showing that people want to inform themselves before getting in touch.
  15. When people are looking to be entertained online, 76% will scroll through their Facebook feed to find interesting content. Got some interesting, entertaining content? You know where to promote it. Haven’t got any interesting, entertaining content? Get in touch.
  16. 45% of marketing teams put blogging at the top of their content marketing strategy, but there’s a lot more you could be doing to reach your customers. Quizzes, case studies, infographics, microsites, videos, interviews, brochures – speak to our content team for inspiration.
  17. Instagram is getting bigger – it’s doubled in size in the last two years, hitting 600 million users worldwide in December 2016. Not advertising on Instagram yet? Here’s what you need to know.instagram-ads-ad
  18. Affiliate marketing is responsible for more of the USA’s GDP than the entire agriculture industry.
  19. Over 50% of the top media sites in the UK use content recommendation engines, driving traffic to promoted content pieces across the web. Want to see your content featured on some of those sites? Get in touch.
  20. People who share your content online aren’t just giving fluffy engagement metrics a boost – they’re nine times more likely to buy than the average consumer. Unfortunately, a huge number of these shares come from “dark social” channels – so you can’t trace them.
  21. For the first time, consumers in 2016 spent more time on smartphones and tablets than they did on desktops and laptops, an average of two and a half hours per day.
  22. 64% of all visits to UK retailers websites in the last year came from mobile phones, making a mobile-first approach more important than ever. Not sure your website is mobile-friendly enough? Speak to our web team for some help.More browsing now happens on mobile - is your website mobile-friendly?
  23. Retargeted advertising can increase exposure from branded searches by 1000%, as well as increasing likelihood of conversion by 70%. We agree with the 46% of marketers that say that the medium is grossly underused – if you want to get more from your advertising, speak to our search experts.
  24. Digital adspend hit £4.777bn in the first half of 2016, up 16.4%. Around 36% of that was spent purely on mobile advertising. Search took the over half of spend across devices, followed by display advertising.
  25. Searchengineland estimate that the average cost per acquisition from AdWords is around $60USD – that’s about £50 at today’s exchange rate. This varies hugely between industries, with the legal industry paying the most and dating sites paying the least.

There’s a lot to get to grips with here – still got questions? If you’d like a hand developing an effective marketing strategy in 2017, speak to our team of experts. We know what we’re talking about, so we can help you get your best results ever. Give us a call.
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Written by Hollie Hines

Content & Social Media Specialist

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