30% of all online purchases happen on smartphones

This is big news for online retailers and it’s just a hint of where we are heading with 120% growth in shopping-related searches (Google) on mobile year-over-year.
So what’s changed? Why now the big jump? Here are 3 of our informed guesses…
A much improved mobile web…
Online retailers have improved their websites to make the mobile UX of their websites much better. Most big online retailers have caught up and a few new starters have stolen a march to create simple online shopping experiences which users are much more comfortable using on their smartphones.
It has taken time for retailers to get their act together but moves like Google’s to prioritise mobile-friendly websites has pushed everyone to act.
Better, more powerful & capable smartphones…
Smartphone technology has improved at a consistent and constant pace. The current iPhone 6s is as powerful, in a computing sense, to a desktop PC if not more and the speed it can render a web page is often quicker than a high-end laptop.
Screens are getting bigger too – the current iPhone 6s Plus has a 1920 × 1080 px screen resolution which again rivals most desktop PC’s or Macs. All of this means there isn’t really a reason any more to dust off the laptop to make that purchase.
The millennials are here…
This year will see those born in the year 2000 reach the grand old age of 16. The year 2000 saw broadband launched in the UK and this means these 16 year olds have never lived without a decent internet and growing up with an “always on” internet has made them behave differently.
Jeff Urban from entrepreneur.com recently said “The difference between old and new media consumption habits will drive change in the media landscape as we know it as more millennials enter the workforce and increase their purchasing power.” These 16 year olds are about to contribute fully to our economy and their web expectations are high. They will not have trust issues with the web and their primary internet device is most likely to be a smartphone. They are here to spend their money online and retailers who are ready will win. We are already seeing the effects.
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Source: Google

Written by Oli Yeates


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