Google: 42% of online shoppers use video during pre-purchase research

This may be no surprise to the 42% of us already regularly researching products by watching videos but the key thing to consider is the rise in this type of behaviour, mainly being supported by mobile usage and 4G/Fibre connections.
The ease of watching videos on mobile devices and the speed at which they load means accessibility to video content has never been higher and advertisers need to make sure they consider this vital element in their digital marketing mix.
Consumers are usually using video to build trust in their purchasing decision and they are very likely to search for independent reviews of the product/service and will also watch the official showcase videos from the manufacturer.
Another amazing fact we learnt at this week’s Google Partners Accelerate event in Dublin was that there has been a 40% YOY increase in people watching YouTube on a daily basis since 2014 & 16 million people in the UK watch online video everyday.
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Written by Oli Yeates


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