5 beautiful new sites #September15

I am currently searching the web for inspiration for the all new Clicky site which will be launching before Christmas, and I keep stumbling across sites that I can’t stop looking at and thought I would share them with you all…
1. Amy (The Motion Picture)
This site is so simple but perfect for a movie. It says everything it needs to and leaves the viewer wanting more. The video & audio elements are perfectly produced and the navigation is really interesting. Amy’s music isn’t bad either.

2. Roland
I am so impressed with this site. The colossal effort to build a site of this depth and detail is amazing. Each product has 3D video content and the photography is really nice. This is Apple standard and that is saying a lot.

3. New From Bose
This site is pretty. The colours are really vibrant and I really like the diagonal slices on the home page. The whole thing is sleek and well thought out – a really nice showcase for their new products.

4. Campaign
This is a lovely simple and effective showcase website for a sofa retailer. The video elements are great and the site takes you through a simple journey which clearly explains their USP’s. I love its clean layout and really love the packaging bit!

5. Bugaboo
Luxury pram/pushchair brand Bugaboo have produced a beautiful new site to showcase their products. The site has a beautiful balance of big stylish imagery/video with some excellent deeper content. It really is a new benchmark for other product manufacturers.

Written by Oli Yeates


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