5 Big Brands That Rebranded in 2016

There comes a time when a company has to invest in freshening up their identity to keep up with current trends and demands. 2016 has seen some major companies refresh their brand identity. We have collated the most memorable.

The Premier League

At the beginning of 2016 the Premier League updated its branding, creating a bold and vibrant identity. The logo preserves the lion, which is seen as a symbol of the company’s heritage, but the icon has been adapted and modernised allowing it to work well across different mediums and when scaled up or down. The logo now features a soft, rounded san-serif font and a new energising colour palette.
Here at Clicky we’re big fans of the Premiere League rebrand. We love the simplicity and bright colours making it stand out from the crowd.
Premier League 2016 rebrand


Instagram changed its branding for the first time since its launch in 2010. It replaced the vintage rendered camera with a stripped back, flat camera icon, with a colourful gradient made up from the colours featured in the “rainbow” on the original camera. With the launch of their new logo they also updated and unified their icons for their other creative apps: Layout, Boomerang and Hyperlapse. The user interface was refreshed and simplified putting more focus on users’ photos and videos.
The reaction to the new branding was mixed and received quite a lot of negative feedback. We feel that the modernisation and simplification was a step in the right direction, we are a big fan of the summery gradient which helps Instagram stand out from other brands such as Twitter and Facebook. Take a look at how they came up with their new brand.

The Co-op

The Co-op took a slightly different approach to most companies when redesigned their logo, by reviving the cloverleaf logo that was designed for them in 1968. The logo has been modernised and a new colour scheme introduced to enhance the original Co-op colours, as well as a new typeface which will be rolled out across everything print and digital.
We love the boldness of the new logo, it has a friendly and approachable feel. It’s really nice to see a company being inspired by their past.
Co-operative 2016 rebrand


Morrisons trialled their refreshed logo in 2016 and have confirmed they will be rolling it out across all stores by the end of 2019. The new logo is all about representing how Morrisons pride themselves on providing fresh food and this is represented through the colours and the tree themed logo. “Since 1899” had been added to the logo hinting to its market origins. The font has been modernised and uses a softer lower case font.
The logo has been received well by customers. We like that the logo successfully reflects what the supermarket values are.
Morrisons 2016 rebrand


It’s been 10 years since the Guinness harp has been touched. 2016 saw Guinness move away from its flat design harp and replace it with a more handcrafted, authentic one. It was felt that the old harp, even though recognisable, lacked character and depth. Guinness is a brand full of history and craftsmanship and this wasn’t reflected. The new harp was redrawn working closely with specialist harp makers to help get the harp as realistic as possible.
The logo has been received really well and it’s nice to see that Guinness have gone against the minimalist flat graphic trend popular today.
Guiness 2016 rebrand
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Written by Hayley Sackett

Lead Digital Designer