5 Great Things About Nottingham: History

As we build up to the launch of Clicky’s new regional office in Nottingham we’re looking at some of the things that make Nottingham great. This week we’re talking about the history which surrounds the city, from Robin Hood to the secret caves of Nottingham – here’s a breakdown of our favourite bits.
Nottingham is famously known as the home to Robin Hood, who’s legend is still ever present roaming the streets of the city. His statue stands proudly outside the walls of the Nottingham castle where he was rumoured to have visited in his time, using the vast expanse of caves and tunnels built within the rock underneath the castle to lead him back to Sherwood Forest.
Robin Hood - Nottingham Legend
The caves of Nottingham expand underneath the entire city, these tunnels have served many purposes throughout the years from acting as secret escape routes in Medieval times, homes to poor families who could not afford housing in the 19th century and also serving as Anderson Shelters in WW2.
Nottingham Caves
Built into these caves is Ye Olde Trip to Jerusalem which claims to be the oldest inn in England, established in 1189. The rock underneath the Nottingham Castle is home to the oldest part of the pub which features rooms which are hand carved out of the sandstone. The network of caves beyond the building were initially used as a brewery in around 1070AD, Richard the Lionheart’s Crusaders would call in while staying in the Castle before they went off to free the Holy Land.
Nottingham’s rich history makes it what it is today, from the historic Town Hall in Market Square to the vast expanse of unexplored caves and tunnels. We can’t wait to start exploring and get to know our latest Clicky location.
Ye Olde Trip to Jerusalem - the Oldest Inn In England

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