5 Great Things About Nottingham: Part Three

Part three of our Nottingham blog series looks at one of the biggest draws for us – the young, educated population.
With 50% of the 300,000 population sitting in the under 30 bracket, Nottingham is one of the youngest cities in the UK. It’s famous for its student culture, in fact, full-time university students are responsible for one in eight of the population. This is thanks to two leading universities, the University of Nottingham and Nottingham Trent University, who together support a combined total of 60,000 students, as other creative outlets such as New and Central College Nottingham, which each offer extensive student programs and provide a steady stream of educated young talent into the job pool.
We intend to work closely with the Nottingham universities in any way we can, in a similar way to how we currently work with students and graduates local to our head office in Chester. Working together to share ideas, experience and ultimately employment, our new office hopes to build bonds with students, graduates and young creatives in the industry who can bring fresh ideas and energy to our award-winning agency.
We’re quite young ourselves (just 9!), so we’re really excited about the opportunity to link up with young graduates who are open to learning and have a fresh perspective on the industry. We’re going to start recruiting for our new Nottingham office soon, so we’re looking forward to building a team of people keen to join us in our mission to make the web a better place.
If you’d like to join our Nottingham team, keep an eye on our careers page and follow us on twitter @clickyjobs to be the first to know when we start recruiting!

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Written by Hollie Hines

Content & Social Media Specialist

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