5 silly things you can do on YouTube

You might have seen our recent post showing 5 silly things you can do on Google, well here are 5 equally silly things you can do on YouTube! Have fun. [Click the images to see each one on YouTube]
1. Retro ASCII Version
Search for “/ Geek Week” to turn YouTube into a retro ASCII version
2. Comic Book Style Videos
Add  “&pow=1&nohtml5=1” at the end of the URL adds a little “pow” button to the video’s features. Clicking it will comic book-ify the entire video.
3. Beam me up!
Type the words “Beam me up, Scotty,” into the search bar, and the page will unfold hazily, much like the effects of the Enterprise’s transporter.
4. Use the force!
Type the phrase “use the force, Luke” and the page will suddenly wiggle around, controlled only by your mouse!
5. Snake while you wait!
If your video is taking a while to load, you’ll notice the buffering symbol in the middle. That circle can turn into a game of Snake if you simply just press the left arrow on your keyboard.

Written by Oli Yeates


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