6 top tips for landing pages

1. Clean & simple layout
Try to keep the design as simple as possible. Research shows users prefer clarity, and the simpler your messages are, the easier it will be for your potential customers to understand your proposition. Layout should also be un-cluttered and do not be afraid of white space.
2. Clear calls to action (CTA)
The goal of your landing page needs to be clear and obvious. Typically CTA’s should appear at the top left hand side of your page and colours such as green, blue and orange work well.
Try to include an alternative CTA for users not ready to buy – for example if the main CTA is “Get a Quote” then perhaps include a sub-CTA such as “Download a Brochure”. Also, always include a phone number for those who prefer to call (if you are targeting mobile users make sure this allows click-to-call)
3. Responsive
The big buzz-word of 2013 is relevant again! For almost any campaign, you will need to consider users of smartphones and tablet devices. Up to 40% of your website visitors may be using one of these devices and they cannot be ignored. Make sure your landing page is responsive to different screen sizes – our web developers can help with this!
4. Simple & intuitive forms
If your landing page has forms (most do), make sure they are easy to complete. Everyone hates filling them in, but if you keep it as simple as possible, you will ensure you do not put off potential customers. Consider the use of 1-2-3 step process for more complex forms.
5. Remove irrelevant content
Do not present the user with anything they do not need to know or anything which will leave them confused about your offering. For example if you are selling car insurance, avoid information about travel insurance – it sounds simple but you often see landing pages with generic content cluttering the page.
6. Use different versions and measure performance
Within a digital advertising campaign it is good practice to run different variants of landing pages to see which converts at the best rate. For instance, if your landing page contains a picture of a person standing by their car (continuing the car insurance theme!), try using a different person/car on a variation to see if users respond differently to the different image. You may also consider moving the calls to action or using different colours for the buttons. Keep trying the variants until you find out which one works best and then run the top performing page more often.
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Written by Oli Yeates


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