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7 years of Amy Norris at Clicky!

January 20, 2020 / Reading Time: 4 minutes /
Jenny Sibbald

Clicky is always celebrating staff milestones, this month we wanted to shout about our Head of Digital Services Amy who has recently celebrated 7 years of working at Clicky! We take a look into the life and history of Amy at Clicky and celebrate the achievements in her home life and #clicky life.

I have had a solid marketing career, specialising in the travel industry and with my experience, commitment to building relationships and delivering high standards of work my career presented me with an opportunity to join a leading travel company in London. I was quickly promoted to a marketing manager role which was amazing – I got to go to the Caribbean as part of my job! Travel and marketing are two of my greatest interests, so I was lucky to have a job that encompassed both!

I joined Clicky as a Digital Account Manager, back then it was a very small team with some really exciting clients. I remember our MD Sam saying I’d get to work on a travel and wedding client and I was so excited!

From that I role I was promoted to a Digital Marketing Manager, I was one of 4 that were appointed the very first management roles in the agency so it was very exciting! I was responsible for leading our biggest agency paid search and paid social clients at the time as well as leading a team and growing our service offering.

Next, I was promoted to probably one of my biggest career highlights to date: Head of Marketing, turning the marketing team into the biggest growth area of the agency.

I was incredibly proud that Sam and Oli trusted me to lead on the digital marketing arm of the business which came with a lot of responsibility.

During my time in this role, I got to deal directly with people and represent the Clicky brand to some superb clients and brands. I thrived on the challenge of working and achieving what our clients had set us but also the targets and challenges that the business presented. I also had the pleasure of supporting the development and career progression for some key members of the agency and seeing individuals that joined us as juniors and are now in some of the most influential roles is rewarding.

In my latest role of Head of Digital Services, I start the day checking emails, prioritising my day and grabbing a coffee! I spend time looking through priority actions for the day, it could be a day of internal meetings, client meetings, client strategy planning, clicky initiatives, reporting on achievements to date or working with the marketing managers to plot growth for their team and technical offering.

I work closely with the whole team so it’s nice and varied, I love hearing about the latest client projects or what the team have achieved!

The culture, people and clear business goals are what I bought into when I first interviewed at Clicky and are still key reasons why Clicky is a great agency to be a part of. We’re a team of people who love what we do and want to do the best in our specialist areas, this brings us all together and results in a great environment.

The level of clients that we have the opportunity to work with now is incomparable to just a couple of years ago and the commitment the team gives to deliver an exceptional level of work is hard to understand unless you experience it daily.

We’ve been told we’re the industry’s best kept secret, but we really need to shout about our success more!

I can easily go a few days feeling like I’m achieving all goals but there will always be that one day that is a challenge. On those days, I’ve learnt that taking things to heart or being emotional doesn’t help. Now I just make sure I take a breather, watch funny videos of my daughters, make a cup of tea or a glass of red wine when I get home! Tomorrow’s another day.

I am someone that wears my heart on my sleeve and just wants to do a good job – whether it’s for a colleague or client.

A lot has changed in the last 7 years, I’m now married, own and house and a mum to two twin girls!

I joined Clicky as a young 20 something who was career hungry, who had not long moved back from London and wanted job in digital – and that’s the opportunity that Clicky gave me. My work-life balance back then was to work hard and developing my skillset for bigger and better opportunities.

I’m not going to say it’s been easy getting to where I am in my career, there have been plenty of meltdowns, frustrations and challenges but I’m still here to tell the tale and have learnt a lot.

The biggest learning was how much the industry and agency had changed whilst I was on maternity leave, something I’d never considered! And of course, I’d changed too…. But I’m back, celebrating 7 never a dull moment years, excited in continuing to achieve the best at Clicky and giving my family the best in life.

It’s been a learning curve since coming back to work from maternity leave, I expected to slot back in and didn’t even think that staying in the office late to finish work or taking it home wouldn’t be an option, but I think that I am getting there!

Clicky really is a great place to work, it’s a genuine and open place of work which I am bought into. I’ve learnt a lot from key members of the agency and I desperately want to learn more and work towards another career highlight!

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