A day in the life of Strategy & Insights

I’ll be honest, upon joining Clicky Media  I was not 100% certain what my new role would entail.

Working here has been a great learning curve since day one. They say you can’t teach an old dog new tricks, but that definitely isn’t the case here – I’ve learnt a lot already in a short space of time.

What is my role at Clicky Media?

I am a Digital Strategy Executive as part of the recently formed Strategy and Insights sub-team at Clicky, which sits within the wider Marketing team.

Discovery projects

On top of SEO, Content, Social, CRO, PPC and other marketing services offered by Clicky, we recognise that ‘big data’ simply can’t be ignored. Clients are looking to gain further insight in order to make data-driven decisions to influence their marketing strategy, using various data sources. This requirement is something we have utilised at Clicky, which led to creating the Strategy and Insights team.

The main part of our job in the Strategy and Insights team is to carry out Discovery projects for our clients, supported by discipline specialists in the wider Clicky Media marketing and web team. These projects vary in size and aim to provide clients with qualified recommendations on how their digital strategy can improve, going forward.

Business objectives vary, whether its increasing lead generation or eCommerce conversion rates across the whole website. Other projects involve researching ahead of an exciting new website build, or, they include working on smaller projects which focus on a specific landing page that needs content (for example, a product group) or website functionality (for example, the booking process).

At the end of a Discovery project, we meet with the client and present our findings (we often create a marketing calendar). In addition, we provide the client with a larger Discovery document containing the relevant reports we have written alongside the supporting documents. These reports include, and are not limited to, Google Analytics, acquisition, site speed, UX and design, heat map, email marketing, market and competitor analysis, technical SEO and content audits, amongst other reports depending on client requirements.

Clicky Media


As the saying goes, variety is the spice of life, and at Clicky no two days are the same. The variety of reports we offer means that working on client projects can differ every day, working with a large variety of tools and reviewing the latest market research reports.

I’m a bit of a Google Analytics and numbers geek, so I enjoy reviewing a client’s website performance, not just using the standard reports available on the platform, but also creating custom reports and filters so that we can provide specific findings for the client.

In addition to Google Analytics, depending on the type of report being worked on, we may also find ourselves using Search Console, Adwords, Screaming Frog, Crazy Egg, Google’s site speed tools, SEMrush, and Pingdom amongst others – it varies depending on the report and client’s requirements.

Team collaboration

When we are not busy working on client reports, the Strategy and Insights team collaborates a lot with the other teams at Clicky Media. This can include taking part in design or branding sessions with the design team, creating work stream schedules with ProSupport, assisting the BD team in researching for potential new clients and writing case studies, undertaking consultancy work for clients, or even arranging training sessions for the whole agency. We also can’t forget the important job of making sure our musical tastes reflect well on the marketing team Spotify playlist!

One of the best parts of the job is meeting clients face to face and presenting our findings to them. There’s nothing quite like meeting a satisfied client and seeing how they react to your recommendations for their online offering – it is definitely a perk of the job and gives you a buzz to do more.

Since we are a new sub-team, we are excited to see how our offering grows throughout Clicky as a whole and how our day to day roles develop… exciting times ahead!

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Written by Rhodri Lloyd

Digital Strategy Executive

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