A day in the life / Rhian

What really goes on at Clicky? This month, our Digital Design Manager Rhian sheds a little light on the internal workings of Clicky…

Morning Catch-up

A typical morning for me starts with our web team morning catch up run by our project manager, Mark. This is a 10-20 minute meeting (usually involving coffee) where the whole web team get together and run through what we have achieved in the previous day and what we have planned for the day ahead. We’ll run through projects we have on in the studio, any agency updates and have the opportunity to ask any questions, meaning everyone is ready to start work by 9.00am.
The best thing about working at Clicky is that no two days are the same, but a typical day at the office could include:

Catching up with the design team

As part of my role I manage our team of designers. We are such a close team and I love our collaborative approach to projects. We’ll regularly check in with each other throughout the day to give constructive feedback and criticism on each other’s work.

Client Kick-off meetings

At the start of every project, we’ll meet with our clients to introduce them to the team and discuss our initial thoughts and ideas for the project ahead. Typically we’ll cover the goals of the website, the audience they are targeting, their competitors’ websites and timelines for completion. This makes sure that we all really understand the client, their industry and their goals before jumping into the design process.

Project Work

Being a designer, project work takes up the majority of my day. I work on various projects from branding and web design to full strategies, which is great. I love getting stuck into a new homepage, researching new technologies and design trends. (Ed: if you’d like to know more about the types of project Rhian & the team work on, check out the design spotlight).

Briefings with a developer.

We are really lucky to be able to sit in the same room as our front-end development team, which means we work really closely. Once a design has been completed we’ll run it past a developer to ensure that all of the functionality is do-able within the budget of a project. We’re currently working on a really exciting showcase project, I can’t say too much at the moment but keep checking the Clicky site for updates!

Written by Hollie Hines

Content & Social Media Specialist

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