A new brand identity and website for Supportis

We’re excited to announce the launch of a new brand identity and website for our client, Supportis!

Supportis, formerly known as Opsium, provide a unique, expert HR advice and assistance across a wide range of sectors.

The client approached Clicky to assist with a new name, brand and website to help better position them with their mission to be the most trusted, tailored and supportive employment law and HR service provider to SMEs in the UK.

The name “Supportis” was born from their main offering of providing professional support. By combining the word ‘support’ with ‘is’, allows the client to use the phrase in future marketing campaigns to describe what they do and how they support companies in managing their people. The name needed to reflect the clear, transparent relationship that the company holds with its clients.

When developing the logo we wanted to create a brand that appeared modern and forward thinking as well as professional and experienced. We designed a logo with a clear, bold, modern typeface but added personality to the brand through the brand colours, especially in the bright raspberry pink. We wanted the brand to look approachable and not too corporate, so along with the colours, we used rounded shapes and circles to give a soft approachable feel.

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The new Supportis website has a really clean appearance with lots of white space to break up sections, images and icons to help explain USPs and services. This was important as we wanted to make sure all the information people would be looking for was presented in a clear and helpful manner. The bright pink colour has been utilised across the site to attract users to the key calls to action.

The site was built to be easily edited by the client via a content management system to allow the site to be updated in-house and extended as and when required as regular updating is of great importance in their offering. The key CTAs throughout the site direct users to contact forms where they can submit enquiries to the Supportis team or to request a call back. Ajax filtering and loading of older posts has been incorporated into the news page to aid better usability and interaction without users having to be navigated to separate pages. Subtle animations have been used throughout to highlight key page elements and to guide the users dow to the page, assisting the user journey.

We’re really pleased with the new branding and website for Supportis, check it out for yourself!

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Written by Natalie Williams

Client Partner Marketing Manager

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