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One of our biggest challenges running a digital agency is finding time to ensure our own website is the best example of what we can do…
Back in July 2015 I brought the subject up in a senior management meeting that our website needs a complete overhaul to ensure we stay ahead, despite some confused faces and a few mutters of “how the hell are we going to squeeze this into the schedule” & “come on Oli we only just launched the current one” I proceeded to set up a brain storming session to start talking about how we could take things to the next level.
The past 18 months have been an incredible journey for Clicky and we owe so much of that to our previous website which got our name in front of so many amazing new brands and organisations. We won awards, plaudits and I am fairly convinced that most of our competitors have stolen some kind of inspiration for their latest websites (all very flattering & incredibly annoying at the same time :/) Despite all this I know that websites more than most things have a shelf-life and the pace of change we are seeing in our industry is making everything look out of date very quickly.
For me re-designing Clicky’s website is not like any job, I absolutely love it and having an excuse to show off what we can do all over again was never something I was going to find difficult. It blows my mind how fast people react to a beautiful website and how one brief look around can utterly convince them that we are the agency for them.
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We wanted the new website to be big brother to our previous version so that those that liked our last one will hopefully like our new one too – I didn’t want to restyle every single element, especially some of the features we still get great feedback on. We’ve kept the same fonts, layouts and UX elements and introduced some really nice new ones to keep things looking fresh. The site is also 180% bigger in terms of content with new pages for loads of things we do everyday for our clients and everything flows beautifully via clever linking in the back end.
For the CMS we’ve used WordPress again and really pushed its capabilities to the max with 11 different custom post types and loads of custom built extensions to link everything with our internal systems.
You might notice we are loving the influence HTML 5 video is having on the web and try to think of cool ways we can incorporate video into our designs to really give it that “edge”. Video obviously poses problems with page load times and issues on older browsers & mobile devices but if you build things to have image “fall-backs” and use a “progressive enhancement” strategy when we start to code we can achieve some beautiful things.

'You might notice we are loving the influence HTML 5 video is having on the web and try to think of cool ways we can incorporate video into our designs'

Oli Yeates / Clicky CEO & Founder

Within the new Clicky site we built in a “Featured Video” for every page, post or custom post type in WordPress so that any kind of content can have associated video content. We also spent time developing some simple “short-codes” to allow video to be placed anywhere within a page or post with a range of options to decide whether it played when you have scrolled to it or played on click etc. We even made our own minimal HTML video UI with a really clean progress bar and bouncing sound button.
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Our new site works much better on mobile too. We’ve taken time to carefully consider page size when users are on 3G connections to ensure their experience is quicker and easy to use by stripping out unnecessary elements and serving lower res images.
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The site was designed by myself and the lead developer was Josh Diamond. Beth Kennedy & Sarah Kelly put the content together and we had support from both Rich Tarr & Mark Parsons to assist with effects and responsive.
We hope you like it!

Written by Oli Yeates


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