A new Clicky Media website

We, and the web design industry have come a long way since the last edition of our website was launched in 2010 and we thought it was about time our own website matched the style and quality of the work we are producing for our clients.
We wanted to re-think our website from the ground-up, ensuring it matches the services we provide and also demonstrates some of the new web technologies which we are selling to our clients.
So what are the major changes?

  • New Visual Design & Structure
    The site has been completely redesigned and re-structured. Every single graphic and layout has been re-designed and our content has been re-written and re-orgnaised to make it easier to understand.
  • Responsive Layout
    Our new website is responsive. This means the layout has been built in such a way in that it adjusts itself to the size of screen being used. You can simulate this by resizing your browser window, or better still, opening this website on a mobile or tablet device. You will notice the navigation, content and images re-order to fit your screen. This is a relatively new technology which has been developed due to the massive change in the way we use the web. The average UK internet user may use several different devices to access the web over any given day, all with different screen sizes. Building a site responsively means your users will get a tailored experience of your site based on the screen size of their device. It’s a technology we love and something we are building in to most of the new sites we are developing.
  • Retina Graphics
    Nearly all the graphical elements of our new website have been redesigned for “retina” displays. Retina displays are double-pixel displays found on a number of new devices such as the iPad, MacBook Pro, iPhone 5/4s and Chromebook Pixel. The new displays have twice the number of pixels and the graphics look amazing. The trick is to detect these double pixel displays and serve graphics at twice the resolution, ensuring your visitors get a great experience. We can detect double pixel displays using either CSS or Javascript. If you’re lucky enough to have one of these device’s we hope you enjoy using our website!
  • Video Content
    You’ll notice a few video elements on our new website, particularly in our case studies section where you will see walk-throughs of some of the websites we have built. Video is becoming more and more accessible with HTML5 and we think they really improve the visual experience.

So we hope you enjoy our new website! Now it is live we will be adding to it on a daily basis so make sure you come back soon!

Written by Oli Yeates


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