A new website launch for DPR!

We’re delighted to announce the recent launch of the new DPR website!

DPR is the market leader in providing technology to the retail and commercial banking sector, providing core systems for more than 40 banks and building societies across the UK.

The vision was to reposition DPR online to ensure they become the brand of choice for customers and employees within the core banking technology sector.

DPR came to Clicky for a brand refresh as they felt their current brand was outdated and didn’t reflect the brand values and image they wanted their new website to portray.

During the creative process, we looked at new colours, fonts, iconography and redesigned the DPR logo. In order to help them reach their ambitious goals we undertook the redesign and redevelopment of DPR’s existing site.

The project involved the design and development of 9 individual WordPress templates from which we built the wider sitemap and website structure. The new website showcases bespoke new imagery, video, illustration and subtle animation to guide user down the page.

Key information has been presented in a very clear manner, and the design reflects the “cool tech company” image DPR wanted to convey. Flexibility of the CMS was also pivotal to this project, with the client expressing a clear focus on being able to add, edit, delete pages and posts, written content, imagery as and when required.

As is the case with all our web projects, we designed and developed a slick solution that is fully responsive and mobile optimised, with full analytics and search console integration.

Here are some of the key features of the new DPR website that we are extremely proud of:

  • Bespoke navigation including an omnipresent ‘sticky meganav’
  • Integration of Google Maps API
  • Social media integration and feeds/links from Twitter and LinkedIn
  • Dynamic content feeds
  • The use of nice smooth flow and animations and custom DPR iconography
  • Bespoke design, with high quality video and imagery throughout the site
  • Email sign up integration along with autoresponder email template
  • Clever and innovative usage of HTML5, CSS, Javascript, and jQuery where beneficial to UX.

Take a look at the new website for yourself! – https://www.dpr.co.uk 


Written by Sascha Richards

Marketing and Research Assistant