Adobe acquires Magento for $1.68 billion

Big news in the world of eCommerce! Adobe has agreed to acquire Magento for $1.68 billion (about £1.25 billion)

The Magento platform has long been regarded as the number 1 choice for companies who want to build and manage e-commerce stores; Bloomberg says that it supports more than $155 billion in gross sales volume. Here at Clicky we have built loads of Magento stores over the years for our clients.

Adobe’s plan is to combine Magento with its Experience Cloud package (a suite of digital marketing services that include ads and analytics)

Magento presently comes in 2 different versions: a completely open-source version that developers can customise/build on, and a paid version (very costly) that brings loads of additional functionality, like staging tools, loyalty program management, and managed cloud hosting. The platform has developed a huge community of developers that contributed plugins to expand its functionality.

We hope that the open-source version will survive the acquisition and the vibrant community of developers that use the platform will continue to grow

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Written by Oli Yeates


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