Advertising On Bing

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Well although it has significantly less traffic than Google, 14.2% still equates to a relatively large search audience and this number seems to be increasing as they chip away at Google’s dominance. Also we have found that average CPC’s (cost per click) on Bing Ads are a fraction of what they are for the same terms on Google Adwords. This is because the Adwords market is massively saturated which means the CPC’s are pushed up due to the intense competition. With it being a lower cost, and also reaching a percentage of customers that only search on Yahoo and Bing, a Bing ad’s campaign can help your business by either supplementing your Adwords campaign or by simply trialling PPC at a lower cost than Adwords and assessing the success.


Bing Ad’s does however have a number of features that Adwords does not. It offers the ability to evaluate the “quality score” of keywords over time, which can then be matched to changes made in the account and give a better idea of what effects these changes have. This is a welcome change to Google’s more secretive policy with regards to Quality Score! Bing ad’s also offers the ability to control the time zone aspect of a campaign for individual campaigns, this can have a massive impact when setting up campaigns for one client in multiple countries and time zones and is something Google only offers at an account level, meaning you have to work out the different times based on the one time zone which can be a problem when campaigns span different continents!
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Written by Alex Wright

Head of Search