Advertising Options on YouTube

Google acquired YouTube in 2006 and brought with it a whole host of new, sophisticated and highly refined advertising options.
As we all know, targeting forms the foundation of any marketing campaign. Being able to identify your audience correctly ensures we get the right message to the right people.
Not only do we get the standard Google targeting with YouTube (Contextual, Placement, Behavioural, Topic and Re-marketing), we are given a number of deeper demographic options such as gender and age. Meaning your targeting lists are highly refined and accurate, maximising the “bang for your buck”.
As you would expect from a Google service, YouTube True View adverts work on a CPC (Cost per click) and CPV (Cost per view) basis.
There are three main types of advert on YouTube;
True View In-Stream
In-stream adverts are a form of pre-roll advert that appears prior to the user watching his or her chosen video. The adverts range between 30 and 60 seconds long and, if done well, can be highly engaging.
The user has the choice to skip the advert after 5 seconds, if they skip the ad in the first 30 seconds they don’t pay a penny! Effectively securing free advertising.
In-Stream adverts are highly cost effective, averaging around £0.03 per view.
In-display adverts appear down the right hand side of YouTube, as a suggested video or advert. These work on a CPC basis and unlike YouTube search ads, they can be used to direct traffic directly to your site.
Finally In-Search, Google are the pioneers of the search world and have introduced these search technologies to YouTube.
YouTube gives the option for the user to bid on particular keywords, similar to Adwords, and display their video art within the top sponsored area of the listings.
in search
For more information about YouTube advertising, or to discuss your own YouTube strategy, contact one of our YouTube team.

Written by Alex Wright

Head of Search