Adwords: 5 reasons to go enhanced

1. One Campaign to rule them all
The largest change with enhanced campaigns has been the merge of device targeting. No longer can we target individual devices with separate campaigns. We are now opted in to multi-device targeting.
Whilst on the face of it this might sound restricting, however, it moves the marketer away from thinking of a user as a device and more towards thinking of the Users context and what they are thinking rather than the limitations of the device.
2. Location, Location, Location… & TIME!!
Legacy campaigns gave us the power to target users based on their location and search terms. In an age where users are constantly connected to the internet and not restricted to a desktop computer, we need to consider more than just where the user is.
We need to shift our thinking towards “how” the user is. What they are thinking, what they are doing, and the context of the users thoughts and searches.
Enhanced campaigns allow targeting and bid adjustments based on location and time. This means the ad messaging and content can change depending on the users environment and current situation.
Take Martin for example; Martin Google’s the term “Pizza” on his mobile at Midday. The likely hood is, Martin is looking for a restaurant to eat in. However, that same evening, Dawn Google’s the same term “Pizza” on her desktop, hoping to find a number for a delivery company.
In both these situations the same search term is used, however the context that the term was searched is very different.
3. Extended Extensions
Ad extensions have been around for years, there’s nothing new there! But similar to altering the messaging of the advert to the context of the search, enhanced allows us to alter ad extensions based on the context.
Enhanced gives us the ability to turn on particular offers, sitelinks, phone numbers and location extensions depending on the time of day. This is especially ideal for companies whose business changes depending upon the time of day.
A florist in the day might do the bulk of their sales over the counter. So in this situation the most relevant site extensions would be a call extension and a location extension, giving driving instructions.
However, come the evening, they might do the bulk of their selling online. In this situation they might want to swap to offer extensions and site links.
4. ROI and Reporting
Traceability and tracking is the foundation of any good online campaign. Enhanced campaigns have added conversion tracking, giving us more metrics to optimise a campaign against and to calculate ROI.
The new enhance Google forwarding number means calls generated via a PPC campaign can now be monitored at no extra cost to the marketer. Google have also improved the click to call feature on mobile search, making it more prominent and accessible to the user.
5. Future Proof
Lets face it; the world has changed a lot in the last five years. Who could have predicted when holding the Nokia 3210 in their hands than in 14 years we would become part of this amazing technologically connected world. Dial Up is dead, wires and cables are gone and users are free to connect, roam, browse, shop, chat, tweet, like, poke and read when they want.
In a world which is becoming ever more mobile and ever more connected it is important that we as marketers, push forward finding new ways to target, engage and connect with our audiences, embracing every new opportunity.
Source: Google

Written by Alex Wright

Head of Search