AdWords Launches Price Extensions In Ads

There are very few AdWords updates that apply to almost every business. Unless you are a company that offers something completely free, then Price Extensions will certainly be of interest. In answer to the all-important question, this is what they look like …
Up until now, prices had to be entered manually into ad text (or, if you’re really advanced, with ad customisers) and the problem with this is obvious. Every time a price changes, the ad text has to change and it loses all its history. Or worse, you forget about the ads with prices in them and, as time passes, the price is no longer accurate. Now, with Price Extensions, both of these problems can be easily solved.
Price Extensions can be easily updated, ensuring that you can keep up-to-date with sales, special offers and general price changes on your site. What’s more, Price Extensions can be edited without resetting any historical data and performance statistics.
You can also schedule a start date and an end date for Price Extensions (see below). So if your sale ends in 7 days time, you can enter this as your end date and then sit back and relax, knowing your ads will always be accurate.
If you wanted to get really fancy, you could offer special prices to people in a certain geographical area. For instance, let’s say your business is expanding into the London area and you wanted to entice people there with discounted prices. You could set up a new campaign with London location targeting and create Price Extensions with specific headers and descriptions promoting this offer for London residents.

Other Important Considerations

  • Price Extensions link to your mobile site, so it’s important to make sure your site is mobile-optimised.
  • They will only show with mobile text ads in position 1 at this time. Mobile bid adjustments will be important here once Price Extensions have been applied.
  • They can be added on an ad group level – some thought is needed before adding them. You don’t want to add a price extension across all campaigns that says ‘prices start from 99p’ for a website that has thousands of products with all sorts of different prices.
  • Make sure your Price Extension links to a final URL with the exact price you have stated in the extension. If your Price Extension says “Acme Roadrunner Traps from only £19.99” but your landing pages is selling them for £24.99, not only will you annoy your customers, Google is likely to disapprove the extension.

There Are Currently 9 Different Types Of Price Extensions

These are shown below. Even if you’re not a retail, e-commerce website and you are offering a service of some kind, you should still set up Price Extensions. Determining which type is most suitable for your business is an important decision and something we can certainly discuss with you to help you decide.
Another big question for you to consider is: can Price Extensions be uploaded in bulk and is it possible to change prices on a large scale on a regular basis? Well, the answer is yes.  If you would like help with this or if you would simply like to learn more about this exciting new AdWords feature, contact us today.

Written by Shannon May