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Last year affiliate marketing generated an average return of £13 for every £1 spent through loyalty and reward schemes, native content, product feeds, voucher codes and more.
So how can you utilise this platform to gain exposure, market expansion and, ultimately, a great ROI?

Also known as performance marketing, affiliate marketing is where other publishers and websites promote your business, service or products on your behalf. The affiliate is paid when you get a conversion on your website from a user clicking an ad on their website.

From The Body Shop to NET-A-PORTER, all the huge brands are using affiliate marketing.
The Clicky Affiliate Marketing Guide addresses:

  • How affiliate marketing works
  • Ad types
  • What it can bring your business
  • Tips on getting the best from affiliate marketing
  • What we can do for you

Affiliate marketing is a fantastic option as you’re only charged when a user completes your desired action. This could include an enquiry, website visit or an online sale.
Download your free guide to affiliate marketing today, and get in touch with our team today.

Written by Rich Martin

PPC Manager

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