Amazon launches Echo Look

Fresh from the huge success of the Amazon Echo Speakers, Amazon have today announced another Echo product – Echo Look!
The video above explains all but essentially this is an Alexa-powered camera designed around taking your own fashion photos and videos.
It takes high quality full length pics and videos of your outfits and using the app on your phone, lets you have a full 360 look around (it stands still while you look at the app on your phone). The clever bit though is the “Look’s Style Check” service that blends AI algorithms with “fashion specialist advice” to provide an expert second opinion. Does that shirt really go with that jacket? The goal is to get you shopping for more outfits on Amazon, of course. Because its clever (AI and all that), the more feedback you provide, the better Style Check gets at determining what outfits work.
Amazon Echo Look works like the speakers too when you are not taking photos of yourself with music and smart home controls. I think the idea is this one sits in your bedroom rather than the kitchen?
Amazon is currently selling the $200 Echo Look in the US and on an invitation-only basis. You can request an invitation here >>

Written by Oli Yeates


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