An Introduction to Client Services

Tuesday, May 16, 2023

I’ve been super keen to write about the Client Services team at Clicky and what we do, because I’m like a proud parent who shows everyone and anyone pictures of their children - and I feel like this about each and every single member of the CS team.


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Lead Account Director

There isn’t a day where I don’t get wildly passionate about what we do - the service we provide, the value we bring, or the challenges that we overcome - all in the name of client delivery. I LOVE my job - and I am immensely proud of all the work we do for clients.

A wise person once said to me, a great account manager is the crucial cog in the digital marketing machine whose actions have long-lasting effects - the value lies in the quiet things that often go unnoticed but that drive performance.

It’s not just me who thinks we’re great either:

“We're very pleased with our partnership with Clicky and long may it continue. The relationship we have with everyone working on our account is great and we have total trust in everything they do. Clicky are at the core of everything we do moving forward as a company.” Digital Marketing Manager | Toad Hall Cottages

I like to believe we’re the unsung heroes of digital marketing and strategic implementation. Everyone knows that specialists are amazing, their work is visible - they’re the doers - but your account manager? We’re the thinkers. The planners. The pursuers of excellence. The very best account managers are the drivers and champions of carefully considered strategic decisions. They align with your commercial strategy, evaluate evolving market changes, and understand the impact those changes will have on your business. 

Bit of a mouthful, but essentially, if you want growth and scalability, you’ll want to invest in an agency that values account management and the role it plays.

When writing this, after writing many different versions, I was asked, why would anyone want to read this? What value is this providing? 

I’d previously written about comparisons of account managers and badgers. It remains unpublished, lingering in the deep dark depths of the void where writers languish amongst many a shed tear. I’ve written about the pillars of account management - but that’s only interesting to me if we’re being honest. If you want to know though, I will be thrilled to discuss more. Please ask more on this, just to bolster my ego.

So, here’s the value-add. 

Your account manager is the secret sauce - the hidden ingredient in KFC’s rub, the thing that makes Coca-Cola better than the supermarket’s own brand, the secret of chippy chips covered in salt and vinegar when your homemade version sucks - and that secret sauce is down to relationships and trust.

“The level of service we get from the team is excellent - it's a great working relationship and we feel Clicky are part of the team.” Head of Marketing | Little Mistress

You could go to any agency and invest your marketing budget into a team and know they’ll likely get results. Sometimes they won’t - but that’s a risk you take when doing your research and listening to endless pitches. Getting the right team, the right people who are wildly passionate about you and your business, is what you want - and that’s what I love about the team.

“We really enjoy working with Laura, Alex and the team; they really understand what our aims and ambitions & feel like an extension of our internal team” Marketing Manager  | Destination 2

We’re noisy, we’re endlessly creative, we’re authentic, we’re bold and brave, and we’re experienced enough to push back when needed. Do you want a yes person who’ll simply facilitate your plans? Or do you want someone who’s commercially savvy, who’ll challenge assumptions with data and experience? The former is something any Joe, Tom, or Belinda can do - the latter is what sets us apart - and what genuinely gives us purpose and makes what we do so incredible. 

We’re passionate about what we do - it’s one of our key pillars - not quite as good as Google’s, “Don’t be evil”, ethos, but I think it’s accurate. I’m biased though, and if you’re still reading this, you might be thinking, get to the point, Laura, we’ve not got all day!

So here’s the key takeaway: having an account manager who’s your biggest champion, who is as invested in your success as much as you are, and who has the knowledge and tools to grow your business, is key to growth.

“We’re very happy with Clicky -  after many years working together, their expertise continues to add value to our digital offering. We can make decisions on strategy confident that it is based on solid data” Head of Marketing | Granite Group

If you’re as passionate about growth as I am, or want to know more about our team and what we do - and how we can work together, please drop us a message or book in a chat - it’ll be the best decision you make this week.