ApplePay coming to browsers in time for Christmas?

It would be fair to say ApplePay probably hasn’t become popular, as quickly as Apple may have hoped. But the latest news is that it may be coming to Safari (Apple’s web browser) soon which might change things.
There are loads of reasons why ApplePay has been slow to gain momentum including the slow take up by banks (Barclays finally joining earlier this month) and retailers alike. The main problem is that unless it is universally accepted it is unlikely you will abandon more traditional methods of payment – just try leaving your wallet at home for the day and see how far you get!
Anyway the big news announced a few weeks ago which seems to be gaining momentum, is that Apple may be updating Safari to allow users to pay for things via a website using ApplePay which might just make it all a bit too convenient not to use!
The rumour is that the iPhone/iPad version will be updated to allow users to use the thumbprint functionality at the checkout allowing a really quick purchasing process. It would seem plausible that the desktop version of Safari may follow too.
Online shoppers are more likely to buy via an mobile ecommerce website than by an app – according to Google, 48% of consumers start their shopping research on search engines compared to 33% on brands’ websites and 26% in apps.
Also one of the biggest gripes from mobile shoppers is that it is complicated and slow, which puts off users. Smartphone conversion rates are approximately 1.3%, compared to 3.7% on desktop – Apple Pay could fix this as it allows users to pay via fingerprint this, in turn, could lead more people to try the service.
An official announcement could come as soon as Apple’s WWDC event in June.
More news as we get it…

Written by Oli Yeates


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