ApplePay for Mac Safari to be rolled out next week

As we discussed in April, Apple is ready to update ApplePay to enable it to be used directly within your desktop/mobile web browser.
The update will be rolled out as part of OS Sierra which is set to be released next week. The new functionality will allow you to make a purchase via Safari (on your Mac) and then select ApplePay as a payment method, before authenticating it on your iPhone using the thumb print authentication. You will also be able to purchase things in the same way all within your phone if you are using the iOS Safari.
Sounds complicated but it will be remarkably simple once you’ve done it once and it should give ApplePay a much needed boost in terms of uptake.
The only requirement is for developers to being integrating it into their websites and as far as we know it will only be supported by Apple’s browser Safari initially.
We think it is a great idea for those of us with Macs/iPhones and could avoid lengthy checkout processes. Look out for the update next week and so far two US big-guns have announce support in the shape of Time Inc & Wayfair. Backend solutions such as Shopify and Stripe are set to support Apple Pay too.
Here is the full WDC announcement presentation >>

Written by Oli Yeates


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