Are you 'online' for Clearing and A-Level Results day?

Results Day is a nail-biting time, not only for those who have taken the exams – but for the schools and universities offering placements for their courses. How many people will take them up and what happens if you don’t receive enough applications?
In 2012, the peak time to target students looking for University Clearing places was between 12th and 18th August – but searches were consistent throughout August and September.
The graph below details the peak of interest for the keyword “Clearing 2012”:
Google Search Trends - University Clearing 2012
Again, searches continue to spike in August – even for broader keywords, such as “University Places”:
Google Search Trends - University Places
So, will your university or college be at the top of the list?
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iPhone Screen Shot - University Clearing Ads
Source | Google Search Trends

Written by Amy Norris

Brand & Agency Marketing Manager