Are You Ready For Christmas?

Autumn has officially arrived, and although Christmas might seem far away (10 weeks to be exact) it’s only actually 75 days away, which sounds a bit scary!
With supermarkets already stocking advent calendars, some consumer can feel overwhelmed by Christmas. However for many other consumers, they have already started their Christmas shopping in preparation for the festive season.
Firstly, before preparing for Christmas, it’s important to ensure you understand your target audience, and how they shop during the festive season. For instance, a lot more men tend to panic buy on Christmas Eve compared with women, who usually begin shopping far in advance. Understanding your audience will allow you to best understand how you can prepare your website and plan your marketing strategy for the Christmas period.
Is your business ready for the Christmas rush? Don’t panic if not, we’re here to help and give you our top tips on how you can prepare for the Christmas period.


Ensuring mobile has been considered in your marketing strategy is imperative, as people browse on the move, especially at Christmas. A Bing report shows that 8 out of 10 of the highest search volume days on mobile occur in November.
If you’re asking yourself how can I include mobile in my stategy, there is a number of ways. Ensuring your website is responsive, meaning it works across all devices is important, so consumers can access your site whilst they’re on the move, reading and navigating your site with ease.
Online ads, whether on Google, Bing, Facebook, Twitter etc. can all be created for both mobile and desktop, with specific targeting options available. Ensuring you understand how your audience is searching, will allow you to optimise ads for the devices they’re searching on.

Design & Website Updates

Christmas is a time for family and friends for most, but for many businesses, it’s time to make big money. UK consumers spent a massive £24.4bn online over the Christmas period in 2015.
The best way to ensure you’re Christmas ready is to make sure your website has been updated well before the Christmas shoppers descend.
Website updates can include:

  • Updating category pages to include Christmas products, ensuring they’re structured to take advantage of Christmas related searches.
  • Preparing relevant landing pages early, for any seasonal promotions you may have as an example.
  • Christmas-fying your website, through changing banners and pages to include seasonal graphics/imagery.
  • Updating opening/closing times.

It’s also important to check your site speed and page loading times before it gets busy with Christmas shoppers, especially during black Friday and boxing day sales. If you’re having trouble reducing page load time or increasing site speed, our expert team of web developers can help.
If you need assistance making changes to your website, we have a dedicated ProSupport team, who are a team of expert web developers. Our ProSupport team are used to working with various CMS systems, and updating websites on a daily basis for our various web retainer clients.


Christmas is the perfect time to promote some big and creative content pieces, as well as smaller blog articles. Not designed to generate instant sales, content is more about generating brand awareness, ensuring your brand will remain memorable to people when they should need your services. Larger content pieces are a great way to engage with existing and potential customers, providing them with useful information.
For instance, you could create a Christmas gift guide, or a micro site. The possibilities are pretty much endless, the only restrictions being budget and resource availability.

Email Marketing

Email is currently seeing a resurgence, so make the most of it by sending Christmas campaigns to your customers. Let them know of key offers, new stock, boxing day sale details, or maybe treat your loyal customers with a promotional code.
Our team of digital designers and web developers are a dab hand at creating bespoke email templates for you to engage with your audience. We have our own email system that allows you to track who has opened your email, at what time, and what links they have clicked through to. All this data enables you to better monitor the performance of your email campaigns.

Natural Search: Google Map Listings

You can easily drive Christmas mobile searches to your store through ensuring your Google Map Listings are up to date, especially to reflect the correct opening hours over Christmas.
All of your stores details can be updated through your Google My Business Page, and not only is it more convenient for users to have correct information on your business, it also aids with natural search rankings through ensuring consistency in business listings across the web.


Google Shopping
If your company sells products rather than services, then it may be worth you investing in Google Shopping.
Running Google Shopping alongside your paid search ads should increase the likelihood of gaining conversions, as both will show in Google’s search results when a consumer is searching for a particular product. Shopping is a great way to directly reach interested consumers, with conversion rates often being high, and CPC sometimes being cheaper.
Search Ads
Christmas is a period of panic for some people, where they start frantically buying last minute gifts. One of the most important things when shopping online for a lot of users is how quickly they can get an item, and how easily they can return it.
Your search ads may already contain this important information, but if not, Christmas is definitely the time to include it. We’d advise creating Christmas specific search ads, with seasonal messaging, ensuring you make returns, exchange policies, delivery, and click & collect information as clear as possible in search results, especially if you offer it for free!
Ad extensions should already be included in your ads to maximise click through rate, but if they’re not, Christmas is again the time you should be implementing them. Read more about ad extensions and how best to use them in part one of our ad extensions guide here.
Conversions can be affected if a customer doesn’t know how easily they can get a product, this will be particularly important in the few remaining weeks before Christmas day.
Re-marketing ads will follow users who didn’t complete a specified goal on your website around the web, as they visit different websites.
They allow you to re-entice users by re-marketing to them with specific messaging and creative, ensuring they haven’t forgotten those gifts they put in their basket, or that Christmas party dress they keep looking at!
Re-marketing ads, whether on the GDN or across social media tend to have great results as these users have already engaged with your brand/website previously.
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Written by Natalie Williams

Client Partner Marketing Manager

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