Are you utilising Pinterest?

Arguably more a search and discovery tool than a social network like Facebook or Twitter, Pinterest has over 100 million active monthly users and it’s said that ‘because Pinterest users are uniquely interested and engaged with products, the platform is an especially good environment for marketers’ (Marketing Land). Yet we feel Pinterest is under-utilised as a platform that has great reach potential and an audience that are keen to learn and discover things.
What exactly is Pinterest & who are its core users?
Essentially a form of online scrapbook, Pinterest allows users to share and save ideas. Completely reliant on visuals (because you can’t share on Pinterest without an image), Pinners use Pinterest to find inspiration, create mood boards and share fantastic tips and tricks with each other. With categories ranging from tattoo’s and food to fashion and humor, there is something for everyone on there! Allowing users to follow other user’s boards, leave comments and share their pins across other social media platforms, Pinterest is an extremely engaging and aesthetically appealing site.
According to research by the Pew Research Centre (Infographic courtesy of Sprout Social) of the demographics of U.S Pinterest users in May 2015 showed a clear difference in who the primary users are with woman and 18-29 year olds using the platform more than their male and older counterparts.
Sprout Social Pinterest Demographics
How can you utilise Pinterest for your business?
Pinterest isn’t a good platform for every type of business, but you may be surprised at the businesses that have seen results from using the platform.
PetPlan Insurance, for example, wanted to visually showcase their pet health content to translate their expertise and brand personality. They began creating boards with images from their pet health magazine and then in time starting creating more boards that had educational content such as health tips.
In the case study, Pinterest claimed that they ‘became PetPlan’s second-highest source of social network referral traffic, generating 69% more page views and 97% greater time on-site than Twitter, and rivalling the performance of Facebook’.
Pinterest offer several tools for businesses such as a ‘pin it’ button that you can add to your website, you can generate referral traffic to your site as Pinners click on your Pins. How does this work I hear you ask? Well, when a user Pins something, other users can then re-pin it. With the average pin receiving 11 re-pins, you increase the reach of your brand and web page.
Pin it
If you’re in the U.S then you’re in luck, because you can invest in Promoted Pins to increase awareness, engagement and traffic. Pinterest say ‘they’re native ad units that perform just as well, if not better, than organic Pins, helping people discover and save ideas’.  Pinterest ‘Buyable Pins’ are also only available in the U.S at present, and these basically allow users to buy a product through the app rather than clicking through to the website. We’re hoping Pinterest will be releasing these in the UK sometime soon!
The fourth type of tool offered by Pinterest are ‘Rich Pins’. Pinterest say these ‘show metadata right on the Pin itself, giving Pinners a richer experience and increasing engagement. Information in a Rich Pin is independent of the Pin description, ensuring that important information is always tied to the Pin’, and these pins are available in 6 types:

  • App
  • Article
  • Movie
  • Place
  • Product
  • Recipe

Through Pinterest analytics you can access data about how your pins are performing, similar to how you would Twitter and Facebook. This helps you make the necessary adjustments and measure which pins have been of more value to you.
Still not sure whether Pinterest would be beneficial to your business? Why not give a member of our friendly team a call on 0800 222 9300 and they’ll be more than happy to discuss this with you.
Source: Pinterest

Written by Shannon May